Senate Considers Cutting Retirement Benefits for Feds Working for Unions

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September 12, 2017

The Senate is poised to vote on two measures aimed at curbing federal employees’ ability to work on union representational issues while on the clock, offering a test for whether congressional Republicans can finally send such reforms to the president’s desk.

The more controversial measure, offered by Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., as an amendment to the Senate’s annual defense authorization bill, would prevent employees from counting years where they worked at least 80 percent on union representational duties toward their retirement pensions. The bill would also prevent such employees from receiving bonuses. It would prohibit employees from engaging in any political activity, including lobbying, while on official time. The phrase “official time” would be replaced by “federal taxpayer-funded union time.”


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6 Comments on "Senate Considers Cutting Retirement Benefits for Feds Working for Unions"

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Tina Wagoner

Vote them out of senate!!

Michelle Stevens

This is how they are trying to break up the unions. This would effect all ADR’s DR’s and above. SMH how well do you think things will go if you have no representation above your local steward?

Padi Pierce

This is because of the appearance of the Hatch Act violation by the post office when the union reps were out shilling for Hillary. Congress has to act on it

John Travitz

Start by cutting your own retirement benefits Senators

Joy Scarborough

That’s a big fracking surprise, I’m sure that only applies to clerks and carriers.

Karen Luttrell York

Union stewards wouldn’t need SO MUCH TIME if management would abide by the d**n contract!’

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