Second United States Air Mail stamp arrives

The Postal Service will issue this year’s second United States Air Mail stamp Saturday, Aug. 11.

The stamp, printed in red, commemorates an August 1918 flight from College Park, MD, to New York City that became the first step in establishing transcontinental routes for airmail service.

The first stamp, printed in blue and released in the spring, celebrates the first airmail flightsperformed by Army Signal Corps pilots in May 1918.

The red and blue stamps are each Forever stamps.

Both stamps feature the same image of a Curtiss JN-4H biplane, the model of aircraft used for early airmail flights. USPS printed both stamps using the intaglio method, meaning they’re transferred to paper from an engraved plate.

The new stamp will be dedicated Aug. 11 in College Park. Like the first stamp, the second stampwill be available at Post Offices and


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