Save the date – Food drive to be held May 12

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April 27, 2018

The National Association of Letter Carriers leads the one-day drive with help from USPS and other partners.

Since the drive began in 1993, total food donations have surpassed 1.6 billion pounds, including 75.3 million pounds last year.

The drive is held in the spring when many school breakfast and lunch programs are about to be suspended for the summer, leaving millions of children to find alternative sources of nutrition.

About 42 million individuals in the United States struggle with hunger, including 13 million children, according to Feeding America, the nation’s largest hunger-relief organization.

The Stamp Out Hunger site has additional information, including a toolkit for participants, promotional materials, community engagement guidelines and more.


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Ann Comer

Our office has yet to participate. Evidently not important in Hawkeye District

Kelsey Cook

My office in the Hawkeye district participates.

Amy Spoores

My office is in the Hawkeye district and has always participated.

Ann Comer

Mine hasn’t as far as I know Been here since 2004

Eileen M Niehaus

Also in Hawkeye and never participated.

Virginia Baxter

When package volume was low it wasn’t so bad. Now trying to fit the food in truck is such a hassle.

Riggen Kellbell

I did this last year! Thank God, my daughter is graduating college on the 12th!!!

Mary Baker

Really…this is the date our routes have been reconfigured from mail count.

Mike Douglas

It’s the second Saturday in May. Always has been. No conspiracy…

Mary Baker

Its going to be a hard day.

Kimberly Grantham

Always Mother’s Day weekend.

Mary Baker



Not going to have any room this year for food – overloaded with amazon parcels and picking up business parcels – let them starve – everybody knows that amazon comes first – let the richest man in the world donate some of his money to food hungry. Instead of walking around with his robot doggie thinking his shit doesn’t stink.

Kathy Taylor Casper

Probably Mother’s Day weekend to. More pkgs plus picking up food= Exhausted . I stay exhausted. Trying to make it 2 more yrs till 62.

Kimberly Grantham

It’s always been Mother’s Day weekend for as long as I have worked.

Donna Donovan

I know it’s a lot more work, but some people unfortunately depend on this! Come on people! We can do this! You are awesome!

Jamerle Davis-rembert

I wish they would hang the food on the maiilbox or put inside the mailbox

Lyndsay Beberness

My customers do. Where do they usually put yours?

Sara Stephens

I wish i had such boxes seeing how most of mine are ndcbu.


I usually set up a big cardboard box at my ndcbu’s…more people donate that way.

Liznel Ramirez

Lyndsay Beberness my customers put the food in the ground. And sometimes not one bag but 2 or 3 and in some cases even boxes

Kimberly Grantham

Liznel Ramirez Wow. It is great you have such generous customers. You must be proud.

Cindy Smith

If you can find someone who wants to lead and organize you can often get local food banks, scout troops to assist with pick up. If you sign up through the NALC and become a food drive coordinator there is tons of great info , it is voluntary but it only takes one passionate person to connect within your community. I’ve led it in the Upper Keys for 8 yrs. the last two mostly from bed. For next year I’ll pm you the place to contact. This is a great need especially in rural areas and build good relationships between… Read more »

Robin Eatman Newcomb

A representative came in our office and pretty much threatened us and said that this year the cards and bags have postage and he was personally counting the cards and bags for each route and we were not to bring back any undelivered. All of us rural carriers took it as being threatened. Since when was this made mandatory. I would definitely put it out but the way he came across was wrong. Last year the cards and bags sat in our Postmasters office and we didn’t pick up anything, that’s not the carriers fault. My mail truck is packed… Read more »

Kenneth Birditt

I wouldn’t pick it up…they will not threaten me! Period…

Kimberly Grantham

It’s mandatory to deliver the cards because they have postage on them now. Used to be they did not pay postage so it was left up to the carrier if they wanted to deliver them or not. It is still voluntary for you to pick up the food.

Bill Smith

It is NOT mandatory. If there is no one willing to pick up the food, the cards are NOT to be delivered.

Grace Herndon

Kimberly Grantham I hate that bc I have my trailer park that refuses to help out, and they steal my tub every year:(

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