Santa Monica: Mail Not Delivered, Odd USPS Behavior Seen, and half of local letter carriers reportedly are on medical leave

December 11, 2017

The Postman only rings twice. But sometimes, not at all.

Some local residents complain of poor service and frankly odd behavior by the Postman lately. On social media, some residents note that delivery often occurs after 9pm and delivered by people not in uniform.

At local post offices, some days the boxes are not delivered until the end of the day. At residences, letter carriers knock at doors after dark, but do not place mail in mailboxes as they would during the day.

Regular carriers appear to be a thing of the past. Different people deliver every day, as if there were no regular routes anymore.

Packages that do not fit in regular mailbox have been left at foot of mailbox instead of at door (accessible and instruction included in shipping order on label), thus more likely to be stolen.

Some residents report a different and more disturbing problem: Missing mail containing checks.

Letter carriers themselves say they are overwhelmed with holiday mail. The post office cannot hire new personnel, due to Federal sequestration that has been in effect since the George Bush administration. Delivering the mail is an athletic occupation. About half of all letter carriers (the terms “mailman” or “postman” is considered antiquated), are on medical leave. So the remaining personnel are each handling multiple routes, leading to yet more medical leave requests.


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Lynn Hansen

Cannot hire new personnel???


I was thinking the same thing. I wonder what they have been smoking?

Joy Scarborough

BS story, either through ignorance or just that they enjoy spreading falsehoods. My question is, why is bombarding Facebook with non stop bullshit postal stories? It’s really a slap in the face, especially at this time of year.

Tracy Krajenke Brantley

No one asked you to like the page. You can simply hit the unlike button.

Joy Scarborough

Thanks for your opinion, now I can wipe my ass with that.

Samantha Koplin

And we need to know the stories going around. It’s not meant as a slap in the face.

Catalina Simonson

Why are you sharing this? Just spread more trashing of the post office.
The reality is this is peak season, carriers are delivering from five in the morning all the way until 11 PM at night. This is not unique to the post office, the same thing happens with UPS.
They’re not in uniform because they are CCA’s who are new hires. This whole story is just meant to trash the post office.

Joe Nalley

sounds to me like they need a new supervisor and post master

Rayma Lynn LePoris

Medical leave? Maybe the PO needs to start checking up on carriers that have been out on leave for a year or 2 and get rid of those sucking up money and holding up others in the office.. just a thought

Denise Sweeten

We have one of those ?


Me Too!

Rayma Lynn LePoris

Denise Sweeten us too. LoL

Bridget Middlestate

Mike S Dunn ?

Jim Toy

Everyone sick of incompetent management!

Jennifer Spell


Alan B. Busick

I’m sick of incompetence at every level, management and union alike.


I’m beginning to believe that NRLCA is worse than management!

Meta Bonnell

And the odd part is ???

Cynthia Favalora

Not hiring due to sequestration is a crock of shit….they don’t hire because they keep the offices staffed at skeleton crews to,save on paying benefits, then you add in the overburden of Christmas delivery onto already overburdened routes and people killing themselves trying to keep management off their back and then stressed out people get sick which makes the workforce even worst and there you have the makings of the Postal Service lack of Service….it all starts at the very top and floods down til it drowns the carriers….something really bad will happen soon if management is not retrained and… Read more »

Tina Marie Greiner

I wonder y?!!!


Too many layers of management, not enough layers of employees!

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