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Grant Graeves

There is no way 10 people could only sort 200 packages in an hour. More made up lies from post office.The machine probably can’t do 200 an hour.

JoAnn Stevenson

Bless each and everyone of you that have to deal with sorting the packages this time of year. You are all worth your weight in gold!!

Mike Hunt

At our P&DC, the oversized packages are piling up exponentially now…there is only one manual belt to process these packages on and our incompetent management staff is not utilizing this one belt 24/7 like they should be. Me and a union official were looking through this mess and saw 5 day old priority packages just stagnating there…the plant manager is nowhere to be seen, which is not surprising since he’s one of Jerry Lane’s Boyz who’s lazy as hell. He’s already been bounced out of one plant, and now he’s our problem….but he’s laughing all the way to the bank,… Read more »