Ride along with a mailman in USPS truck with no AC in 100 degree heat

July 3, 2017

CBS4 met one USPS city letter carrier who takes the heat like a champ. Michael Duran said despite the occasional triple-digit temperatures, he has absolutely loved the past 19 years delivering mail in El Paso.

Duran allowed CBS to take a ride-along inside his delivery truck to see how hot it gets inside of it each day. He said it is about 10 degrees hotter inside the truck than outside because there is no AC. Plus it is all metal inside and out.

“We have this fan right here, but (it) just feels like a blow dryer. Just blowing hot air,” Duran said. “I guess it’s good when you’re sweaty. It cools you down. But other than that, it’s hot in here!”



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Elaine Giglio

it doesn’t mention that he had permission to do this…no one is to ride in llvs …and was there an extra seat for him

April Moore-Soares

I’m sure there was a jump seat in back . That’s how everyone is trained by sitting and riding along

Karla Ries

Or even better training a new sub while sitting in the back of the llv in 100 degree weather (Ok 90’s)

Cathy Creech

Yes but it’s always at least 10* hotter inside of a llv than outside.

Joe Kerbow

It’s only 10°hotter in el pass because there no humidity, it’s at least 15° to 20°hotter in the East part of Texas

Julie Touchton

yes. Here in Florida, its way more than a 10 degree difference, too.

Lisa Armato

In South Jersey too!

Carol Lynn Schofield

Ex Jersey girl here.
No comparison.
It’s living hell in the summer
in Florida.
No comparison.

Jane Wilson

And Alabama, whew, please take the humidity away! Yes, more like 20 degrees hotter.

Michael P Kilcomons

I was hoping to see the newscaster sitting in the jumpseat drenched in sweat and about to throw up from motion sickness.

Jen Gen

Me too! They should’ve put them on a rural route where the only escape is when you have a package.

Molly Hatchet-Kuipers

Yes, and exhaust fumes . . ..

Cathy Creech

And dust everywhere.

Jane Wilson

The carrier didn’t even look like he was sweating.

Ramon Kim Lasater

Great journalism, why didn’t she brig a thermometer ?

Rebecca Fenner

Gee…why is the retension rate 43% nationwide? Mental abuse, long hours, rude management and heat stroke. Maybe your paycheck will be right 70% of the time. I just can’t possibly understand the problem?

Ruth Morgan Meuten

You hit that right on the head!!!

Rebecca Fenner

Yep. We are all subjected to it.

Gloria Balogh

True true true

Lydia Howe Read

Mine gets160 degrees instead!! OSHA where are you??

Alice Wright

yup had mine read 143 multiple times out here in AZ. Sucks !

Beverly McPherson


Jesse Koleszar

Unless it involved riding in a jumpseat, I wouldn’t call it a ride along.

Phillip Parker

Stop complaining, you got a job, welders wear long sleeves plus leather coverings, landscape crews out in the sun long hours, construction crews,

Shani Kin

Big difference! You’re comparing apples to oranges. Those other jobs don’t require sitting in a hot metal box!

Rachal Tryon

Shut up Phillip.

Phillip Parker

Nope, welders do weld inside of all kinds of things they build, and I’ve built houses, at least yo guys pick up speed every now and then, and I use to ride home in a no Ac car, so I can relate, been there done that, and for a lot less than what you guys make, just trying to say others have it bad and for a lot less pay !


You rode home in a car with no ac? You compare that to sitting in a postal hotbox? You are Clueless! Lmao

Anita Dixon Yancey

Phillip, that may be true but it doesn’t make it any cooler in an LLV.

Jane Wilson

Phillip Parker I feel bad for anybody who has to work in the heat. Roofers are in the direct sun and I”ve often thought about them. If you work in the heat, I hate it for you too. It’s very dangerous.

Phillip Parker

I really feel sorry for ac and heating guys that have to go up in attics on service calls !! And in not putting down on anyone, just saying, there’s all kinds of hot jobs out there !


Idiot, grow up! Yes they have a job! Until you walk in their shoes stfu. By the way, welders make a lot more than a mail carrier

Shirley Palmisano

You ever put a thermostat on the floor??? It’s ridiculous!!

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