Richmond post office workers walk off job after working without AC

July 14, 2017

RICHMOND, Va. — On a day when the heat index soared past 100 degrees, several mail carriers at the Westhampton Station Post Office in Richmond walked off the job.

“Some of us felt like we were going to faint,” one employee who asked to remain anonymous said. “We took a stand and we left because it’s too hot to be able to case up mail and there is no circulation inside the station.”

The employee said part of the post office where the employees sort the mail has no air conditioning, and when he showed up to work Thursday the thermostat read 90 degrees inside.


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April Brown Graham

Take care of your employees. PLEASE!!!

Bel Papiyon

The post office cares absolutely NOTHING about it’s employees.


That’s right, all they want is the mail delivered, no matter what the cost!

Jim Billings

40 yrs ago it use to be a good job

Charlotte DeZern Daniels

Good for them.

Lisa Heydinger

We were without air here in Charleston, SC for over 30 days last summer. No one walked off the job, but I don’t know why we didnt. There was absolutely no haste to get our ac repaired.

Tiffany London

Hey I work in Charleston also!

Marty Hutto Dubose

Florence has been without ac since last summer!!! Of course the front offices have it but where the carriers are it’s none. Suppose to be fixed next month….will see!!

Natalia Verkholyak

Tiffany London hi, how is it going? We are visiting Charleston on the 21st of August – to watch the sun eclipse! Can’t wait!

Tiffany London

Natalia Verkholyak! What part of Charleston will you get visiting?

Natalia Verkholyak

Tiffany London we’ll stay there for three days 🙂

Tiffany London

That’s awesome! That’s right up from where I am right now!!! My office is off Ashley River road, which is very close to where you will be.

Tim Benson

And RCA’s are still working 6 to 7 days a week out in the heat.

David Andrew

Not just RCAs. Ours have it better than regulars. Hence why I’m working tomorrow and at least two of our RCAs are off for the weekend. I did my time without leave and I’ll be damned if this would’ve happened a couple years ago. Pisspoor management is killing the post office

Tim Benson

RCA’s across the nation are busting their butt and most are working more than the regulars. It’s not like the old days in the regulars now days do not understand

Heidi Parsons

We don’t? You know we didn’t go from being hired to regulars overnight…we worked 6 days ,no days off like they give subs today.Splitting routes did not exist and we never got to use LLV’s.We were required a route vehicle and I even had to rent one when my car broke down.Don’t diss the regulars,especially ones that took 14 years to go regular!

Tim Benson

Heidi Parsons always remember how you get your days off, the RCA. It’s not like it was when you worked. Many regs will say the same. RCA’s are being taken advantaged of all across this nation.

Tim Benson

Heidi Parsons also triple if not quadruple the packages now days.

Lisa Ann Cogan

Back when … we had triple the mail! Heavy parcel volume is EASIER than heavy mail volume! ?

Tim Benson

hmmm, multiple times coming back to the post office for packages. Sorry you guys were wronged. Doesn’t make it right today to push the wrong on us. All RCA’s go to Rural Carrier support group on Facebook. We are half the union. Make your voice heard. Break this chain.

Rebecca Richmond

David Andrew if I could give you 2 likes I would?

Tim Benson

I know of at least 2 in our state that have 26 years and 30 years as an RCA and are working there butts off. What do you have to say to them?

Rebeckah Willis

Ours was out a week last year and it gets hot,stuffy and it stunk…

Linda Cooper White


Lisa Ann Cogan

At least there’s likely a breeze outside. You don’t get that inside a hot stuffy post office!

Paige Dalton

Hot stuffy place.. like an LLV ?

Aurora Nevarez

Just because some of of don’t walk out or don’t complain about it Doesn’t mean it’s okay!!!!! Dose people are brave enough to do something!

Kimberly Gentry

Ours went out for 2 weeks a couple of years ago. Nobody up front cared because she has a window unit in her office. Ga summers without A/C are killers…

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