Revising the POM: The Postal Service takes another step toward cluster boxes

April 30, 2018

The Postal Service has just announced some changes that will make cluster boxes more common.  Effective April 26, 2018, the Postal Service has revised the Postal Operations Manual (POM), part 631, to update the policies related to modes of delivery.  The revisions are here.

It’s not the first such step toward cluster boxes.  In April 2012, the Postal Service revised the POM to give itself more authority to determine the mode of delivery when adding new delivery points.  Further revisions were announced in October 2015.

Both the 2012 and 2015 revisions indicated that the Postal Service was pretty much requiring cluster boxes for new residential areas and businesses when feasible.   This week’s revisions to the POM go further in that direction.

According to the new version of the POM, centralized delivery is now “the preferred mode of delivery for all new residential and commercial developments.”  This point is emphasized by revising the title of section 631.242 to readNewly Established or Extended Centralized Delivery Points (Preferred Mode).”

This section goes on to state: “Centralized delivery is the preferred mode for new or extended business or residential delivery points, with very rare exceptions, as determined by the Postal Service in its sole discretion, on a case-by-case basis (see 631.1).”


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Jacob Ibarra

Medical dismounts will skyrocket.

Stacey Roozing

Great central location yet still have to go to every house for all the packages we deliver now, work harder and not get paid for it.?

Sara Stephens

I have over 50 of these beautiful stands (I hate them). About half are the old cubby hole style that have no parcel lockers. I may grumble taking things to the door that never should go to the door but I remind myself that I am getting paid to exercise.

Stephen Richard

Problem is , you’re only being paid to go to the cluster box . Not getting mileage or time to go to that door , which can be quite a distance. It’s not hard to see the evaluated system coming to an end unless these new standards accurately reflect time delivering parcels

Russell Martin

Stephen Richard When the new standards are put into place and enforced, you will be tracked on the distance you walk to the door and scan the package. This will affect the adjustment to your route.

James Zeinert

And you know this how?? I haven’t heard one person who knows a thing about how these standards will effect our routes.

Jason Marques

The customers likely won’t want it.

Ed Zombirt

If I was someone who bought a $300000 house you can bet USPS is delivering mail to a box by my house

Ann Secrest

Not happening. Not many houses being built are under 300K where I live. All new builds are in CBU’s. They are looking a lot nicer, though.

Sara Stephens

Not sure where you are but a $300,000 house in my area is cheap (and yes my neighborhood has one of those ugly stands. I have houses on my rt that are $500,000 range and they have the old cubby hole style boxes that are like 20yrs old.


Say it again baby girl, say it again!!!!

Amy Reese

I wish I could find a house for 300k.

Sheri Harrison

Its their way to get everyone to get PO Boxes.

Carol Cummings

Cluster boxes pay alot less! And I feel I am already getting screwed so I say no way. Don’t let this happen

Teri Slavik

You get a lot more credit for those than stick boxes! You get done a lot faster than drive off


No, CBU’s don’t pay as mush as cub side does.

Carol Cummings

I am not sure what you just said. But if you are saying you get paid more you are very mistaken. They pay alot less

Lori Mae Hatfield

1 minute per week for cluster customers…1.81 minute per week per regular box for LLV…2.0 minutes per week for a regular box with a POV.

Jimmer Jacobson

1.82 minutes for L route. 2.00 minutes for non L. Doesn’t matter if it’s POV or LLV. Correct…1 minute for central. (Plus box factor for all)

Ann Secrest

Every parcel locker counts as 2 minutes and outgoing boxes count as one minute. If you have two parcel lockers and an outgoing box at a CBU, that’s an extra 5 minutes, plus the one minute per box. They deliver super fast. I’d take them any day over curbsides!

Stephen Richard

Still a huge loss per box…you might think it’s faster for you , but how rarely do the parcels actually fit into parcel lockers , and how far are you walking or driving to that front door for free ?

Dana Saunders Gore

You don’t save money by cutting customer service. You cut unnecessary spending…..and that should be half the employees in management. Waaaaay too top heavy.

Lori Mae Hatfield

I have a stop with 81 cluster customers…each winged box had an outgoing mail slot…making 9 collection points…they just went and closed 8 of them…worth 1 minute each a week…but won’t give me parcel lockers at Postal owned cluster boxes at a trailer park with 4 16 customer per box location.

Mark Taylor

THAT is lame.

Hayley Catani

Yeah cut us more during count and make us run all the parcels to the doors!!!! Smartttt nottttttttttt


We don’t get paid to run parcels to doors – this working for free crap is getting old. I leave ALL parcels at the mailbox, unless I need a signature. Let me see at last mail count, I gained 28 new boxes, amazon parcels increased by 50 % – but I lost 7 minutes a day on my route, but working for free any where from 30 – 90 minutes extra a day because of our increased after mail count. The lazy M/F customers can come to their mailbox and pick up their parcels.

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