Rejecting Agency’s Offer, Postal Supervisors Fight for a Bigger Pay Raise

A major U.S. Postal Service group is challenging the pay raises offered by the agency, appealing to a third party to offer more significant salary increases to tens of thousands of postal workers.

The raises will affect most of the 45,000 supervisors, managers, postmasters and technical specialists covered under the Executive and Administrative Schedule represented by the National Association of Postal Supervisors. The increases will be mostly retroactive, covering the period from 2016 through 2019.

NAPS challenged the USPS offer through a “filing of fact finding,” which requests that the independent Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service guide a panel of experts to weigh in on the dispute. The group said the Postal Service’s proposed raises fell short of legal requirements because they were not comparable to the private sector, and would be insufficient to attract and retain top talent or provide sufficient pay gaps between supervisors and the employees they oversee.


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Mark Howard

Need to reduce their salaries,only good for drinking coffee and eating donuts.Better yet save all they pay them and give it to people who actually touch the mail.

Jo Stevenson

There are supervisors that care about the employees! Then there are supervisors that don’t! Just remember supervisors that don’t care. You used to be there once. What happened?

Valerie knall

That why all routes got cut. They need no pay raise .(bigger one) mail carrier should get…they always find way screw rural carriers about useless..


Pay raise really ?they need be counted on all they do all day with a stop watch there salary right ? nothing for them to do once the mail is up and the workers are on there routes what’s there to do ? answer the phone my god!


and don’t forget about the playing of games on the computers !!!

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