Queens Residents Say Mail’s Been MIA Since Last Week’s Snowstorm

January 11, 2018

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Frustrated residents in Queens say they haven’t received any letters, packages, or medicine for over a week.

Rob Fahn was elated to finally find mail in his Rockaway Park mailbox on Wednesday, after not getting any since before last week’s snowstorm.

“I’m waiting for all the bills that I get so I can pay them on time, but more importantly some medications, some cholesterol, and blood pressure stuff,” he told CBS2’s Hazel Sanchez.

Fahn’s desperately needed medications were still missing, and countless residents in the Rockaways say the carriers in their neighborhood haven’t shown up at their homes since snow crippled the roadways last Thursday.

“The roads were clear Saturday, the roads were clear Friday,” Fahn said.

Liz Geraghty says says Beach 119th Street and the driveway outside her home were safely passable by Monday. Her mail didn’t get delivered until Wednesday afternoon, and she didn’t receive a week’s worth of some critical paperwork she’d been expecting.

“I’m very frustrated,” she said. “Angry because of the fact I’m waiting for stuff in the mail.”

CBS2 asked a local mail carrier why some residential deliveries were skipped Monday and Tuesday. The carrier’s response was less than informative.

Meanwhile, the United States Postal Service says the service disruption was a safety issue. A spokesperson said “many roads, side roads and sidewalks were impassable and we adjusted operations accordingly.”


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Michael Mohr

They are welcome to go to the PO and pick it up.

Elaine Corman

My exact words!!??

Elizabeth Keith

get out! to the post office. such a sense of entitlement.. give the carriers a hand by picking up your mail? doh!

Len Winston

Going to the post office requires them to get away from their keyboard and stop ordering Amazon for a second. Can’t have them do that. Plus the crazy notion of actually going outside.

Michael Mohr

So, true story years ago a sup told me. She got a call in a time when we had horrible snow from a customer at the top of a steep hill we just couldn’t get up until it melted. She called, wanting to know why she hadn’t gotten mail in 3 days and demanding it be deliver. To which she was told it was due to the weather but if she’d like, she can come pick it up at the PO during business hours. To which the customer replied, “Are you kidding? Have you seen how bad the weather is?”… Read more »

Dirk Whittemore

I was at a Domino’s Pizza a few years ago when the roads were icy. Domino’s had suspended home delivery and there was a customer on the phone with the cashier complaining they would have to come get a pizza if they wanted one and the customer thought it too hazardous to do so. The cashier actually had to explain that if it was too hazardous for the customer to drive then it was too hazardous for their drivers. Amazing.

Hayley Catani

Why Didn’t I get my mail today ??? Hahahaha

Lisa Lewis

Maybe the Dingo took your coupons

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