Protesters Gather Outside Erie Post Office

As the vote count wraps up in Erie County, some protesters gathered outside the post office on East 38th Street, alleging fraud.

They point to an affidavit from a part-time postal worker, which claims ballots collected after election day were backdated and considered received by election day.

The protesters are calling for more transparency in the voting process, saying the mail-in system makes corruption easier.

“In-person voting and limit the absentee ballot to the military,” said Doug Piontkowski “It’s been a push to do more and more of this, and I believe it opens us up to more voter fraud. It could be a right-wing extremist or a left-wing extremist throwing away ballots or harvesting ballots or anything like that.”

Even if ballots were backdated, and there’s no proof, only 135 ballots would be affected, and among those votes, Joe Biden won, but barely, 65-60, with 10 votes for other candidates.

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