PRC approves new USPS internal service performance measurement system

The Postal Regulatory Commission has approved the Postal Service’s new internal Service Performance Measurement (SPM) system for market dominant products. (SPM is.)  The new system replaces the External First-Class (EXFC) measurement system that has been used for many years to track how successfully the Postal Service was meeting its goals for on-times service standards.  (The SPM system is described in detail in described in this USPS report.)

One of the main issues the Commission had to address was whether an internal system would be “capable of reporting accurate, reliable, and representative service performance data.”  After a review that’s gone on for over three years, the Commission decided that the new system, while not perfect, does meet these criteria.  Yesterday the Commission issued Order 4697 granting the Postal Service permission to implement the new system, starting with the first quart of FY 2019.


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