Postmaster Organizations join to officially become one – UPMA

The much anticipated wait is over.  United Postmasters and Managers of America (UPMA) is now a reality.  The long history of the League and NAPUS will always live in purpose and mission through you.  As we embark on this new journey, I encourage you not to look back but forward in building your future by growing your organization in which we all have an invested interest.  When Tony and I began formal talks two years ago concerning this now realized consolidation we both had the same goal in mind to bring the best of both organizations into one.  We feel that this goal has been accomplished and the seeds have been sown.  It is now time for us all to cultivate and grow.  The outcome ultimately depends on everyone as members and the efforts we all put forth.  Your UPMA National Board and office staff are always working for you and we look forward to representing our membership to the best of our ability continuing to strive to make your working environment and jobs the best they can be.


G. Sean Acord and Tony Leonardi

Co-Presidents, UPMA

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It’s about time the NRCLA disbanded and the the rural carriers be represented by the NALC,as this contract shows,again,the NRLCA does not put the best interests of the members first and again,because of that,all postal employees will only get 1% raises again and pay more for healthcare in spite of the huge volume and profits the Postal Service is making.

Mail Rat

This should have happened years ago as it never made sense to have competing organizations representing PM’s.