Postmaster gone after calling out mail carriers

May 11, 2018

Paul Stremel, who last month blamed mail carriers who “don’t like to come to work” and union rules for delays in delivery, has been removed as the acting Jamaica postmaster.

A postal source with direct knowledge of the matter said Stremel’s reassignment was a result of his comments at Community Board 10’s April meeting, which were reported by the Queens Chronicle.

“It’s pretty common knowledge it was because of his comments,” said the source, who could not say where Stremel is now working.

A USPS spokesman only confirmed that Stremel is no longer the Jamaica postmaster, but is still employed by the agency.

“While we do not speak to individual personnel matters, the Postal Service does have a long history of using vacant positions for our future leaders to grow their skills,” the spokesman said. “Typically those are annotated by the phrase ‘acting’ and generally have a specific time period associated with the run.”

The spokesman did not address a reporter’s question on whether Stremel’s comments had anything to do with the reassignment.

Joseph Raguso has been named the acting postmaster of Jamaica, one of Queens’ largest USPS sectors.

Stremel could not be reached for comment by press time.

The then-acting postmaster appeared in front of CB 10 last month to address ongoing issues with mail delivery. Queens residents have complained since late last year of not getting mail for several days, and getting it late in the evening when they do.

A representative for Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-Queens, Nassau) told CB 10 members last week that there are still problems in parts of the district, especially in South Ozone Park.

Stremel said one of the reasons why people were getting letters or parcels late is because some carriers don’t come to work.

“A lot of them, they don’t have the work ethic,” he said. “It’s not important to them.”

Other carriers must then complete their routes, which results in people getting mail late in the evening, sometimes past 7 p.m., he said. He also blamed union rules for making it difficult to terminate bad workers, saying, “They get a couple of bites of the apple before we can get rid of them.”


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Management can deliver the mail to help out.

Heart of Texas

And San Marcos, TX is even worse than this. Managers shifting blame for delivery issues to carriers rather than admitting the carriers are overburdened. Ms. Maldonado, assistant PM (?) is especially confrontational with customers.


This guys speaks truth and gets the boot…and the incompetent stay put…go figure…
only at the PO 😉


The post office just shifts bad managers to different offices over and over again.

Amy J

Your analysis is right, I don’t know why bad man, lazy man still alive and so at ease

Linda M Chicola

Why don’t you look into how many positions they will not fill because management feel they don’t need them.Our office had 22 clerks now we have 11 to cover 3 offices. 2 office has sort the mail and 2office window service .they work 10/ 12 hours a day 6 days a week.Some clerks get 3hour lunch and work 7 days a week. Management want slaves laborer’s no wonder people call in sick they want a life outside of work.Yet management get their days off that is the higher management like the Postmaster.


It’s the truth along with management issues.

Scheduling is every bit as important as selling postage. It can make or break your day!

Deb Benford

He is telling the truth unfortunately its on both sides the Plant and customer service side. We can’t hire to cover the employees that dont come to work. I dont think the union should fight for employees that have several years history of not coming to work. If the union would work on getting employees to come to work also maybe together we could change the culture.

Amy J

Looking at nearby who pretend to colleagues, I was sick.

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