Postal worker’s leg completely severed after being struck by car on Long Island

April 11, 2017

NORTH BABYLON, N.Y. — A postal worker was struck by a car on Long Island Tuesday afternoon — his leg completely severed, witnesses say.

It happened around 2 p.m. in North Babylon.

Officials say a man was driving a Lincoln Continental westbound on Prairie Drive in North Babylon when his vehicle veered off the road, struck the postal worker, who was outside his vehicle, a postal truck, a fire hydrant and a telephone pole.

The postal worker was airlifted to Stony Brook University Hospital where he listed is in critical condition.

Witnesses tell PIX11 News the victim’s leg was completely severed and away from his body.

The driver of the Lincoln refused medical attention.

The investigation is continuing.


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Jay Schreiber


Maria Fleck Hillworth


Charity Spears McFadden

Wonder if he was made to be back in 8? So sad, prayers for him and his family!

Heather Haney

That’s an a*****e thing to say….

Evone Reinert Shupp

Oh my.

Samantha Jo Schuck

Sara Moody Sanchez Cynthia Stephens Hannah Marie Lilleston ???

Margaret Smith


Spencer Braune

Eric La Gesse

Diana Sidener-Rodgers

Praying for him and his family !!! ??????????

Annettek Davis

So sorry!!!

Anna S Thibodaux

Prayers , former 70377

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