Postal worker’s comments recorded by security camera lead to I-Team investigation

July 31, 2017

NORTH CANTON, Ohio — The FOX 8 I TEAM is investigating a video clip recorded by a home security camera showing a postal carrier dropping off a package and dropping foul-language.

It happened in North Canton. A mail carrier can be seen driving up in a truck, taking a small package to the porch, and as he delivers it, he mutters. The recording shows he said, “(expletive) loser this guy is.”

Mason Donovan put up that camera at his home. He says he runs 5 businesses, and he has had trouble with the mail carrier. Donovan says sometimes his mailbox gets passed, or the mailbox is left open. And then this.

Donovan said, “It’s scary. You don’t know what he’s thinking there. You just want to know why.” He added, “I was out of town when I recorded that. You know, I have kids. If he’s gonna act that way when my kids are outside, what do I do?”

The I TEAM contacted the Postal Service. A spokesman sent us a statement.

David Van Allen wrote, “The Postal Service is investigating this issue and the Canton Postmaster spoke with the customer. Based on the results of the investigation, appropriate action will be taken in accordance with collective bargaining agreements to ensure the integrity and values of the Postal Service are upheld.”


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Michael Mohr

Ha! I did this today. Didn’t mean too. I have a house that if I ring the bell, the dog goes crazy nuts. Like, I think he’ll bust out the window on the wooden door nuts. I forgot, pushed the Ring button and instantly said, “Shit, I shouldn’t have done that.” Dog feet, barking… WAM! Right into the door. I figure they’ll figure out what I meant.

Brent Tierney

He’s sick and tired of your packages filling up his truck and having to go to your house every day of the week. Wears a guy down after a while.

Liz Lightfoot

5 businesses and doesnt understand?!??

Alice Wright

Liz Lightfoot I know right ?

Theresa Fenelon

And his box is a small piece of shit in a nonbreakaway shelter

Sandra Lee

That’s what you are being paid to do. It is part of your job even if you have to get out st the same house everyday. I know because I was a carrier.


Still, it wasn’t that big of a deal that he cursed under his breath, good grief.


Exactly. Everybody does what he did.


People forget, nobody made us fill out an application for the job. If you don’t want to do your properly, resign. If it makes you unhappy having so many parcels, leave the organization. It’s that simple.


He did his job. No small animals or babies were harmed. This is ridiculous.

Tom Leonard

Wah! wah! You are kidding, right? That’s what do. I just retired after 30 years as a city carrier.

Nancy Garrett

Do they know how many carriers talk to themselves everyday on the routes?

Jim Murphy

I talk to myself and sing on my route. Am I the only one?

Sonya Snyder

I bark at dogs and moo at cows. Nah to horses.

Amanda Raulston Shelby

Sound like the guy was looking for a reason to complain.

Liz Lightfoot

Oh my gosh… now we dont have freedom to mutter to ourselves? I have a good mind to write to this snowflake

Colleen Daves

Maybe the carrier was on the phone?

Becky Ryan

Work like you have someone watching you 24/7. Because you do.

Sandra Lee

You are so right.

Jeff Singer

Really? This was me on a good day and I never made it to the news.

Liz Lightfoot

Wonder what ohio’s state law is regarding recording people without their consent?

Stacey Roozing

Who’s to say he was talking about the customer maybe he was thinking of a conversation he had with someone earlier, and just blurted out that comment, he didn’t direct the comment at anyone, there wasn’t anyone around, and if you were out of town why wasn’t the mail being held, do you want your stuff stolen?

John h

100%… That would be my defense… F that….lol


Maybe had a Bluetooth in his ear and was on the phone.

Amy Wyman Roberts

Im thinking that package would fit in the box

Michelle Tyler

Mailbox was probably stuffed full so another little package wouldn’t fit. I have customers like that. Losers….

Amy Wyman Roberts

Mailbox is full it goes back to PO

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