Postal workers among those on front lines

HILLSDALE – Postal workers – alongside doctors, nurses, truck drivers and others – are among the nation’s “essential” personnel who continue to show up for work amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Hillsdale Postman Brent Brown has a routine that now includes wiping down surfaces holding the mail he’s about to deliver.

“I’m keeping hands washed and making sure I have no open wounds,” Brown said. “I have hand sanitizer in the truck with me and I’m constantly putting that on.”

Brown said the postal service is supplying masks if workers wish to wear them and has been sanitizing trucks each day.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen my truck this clean,” he said.

As he fills people’s mailboxes throughout the day, he constantly cleans his steering wheel, fearing the coronavirus.

He said not knowing where mail has come from and who’s touched it makes the job a little more scary than just worrying about a stray dog in pursuit.

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