Postal Worker Shot On The Job Suffers Nerve Damage

CHICAGO (CBS) — A postal worker shot on the job says “every day is extra” in 2019.

Stephen Casazza, 36, is out of the hospital and talked with CBS 2 by phone for the first time since he was shot.

He is sidelined for delivering mail, due in large part to the nerve damage to his right hand and arm — his dominant side.

Following the shooting in Elk Grove Village it’s numb, and he can’t use it.

“I realize so many people die from gunshots every day. This is a trying moment in my life for sure, but I’m grateful that it’s not any worse,” he says.

It may be weeks before he’ll know if it can return to normal.

“On the bullet’s way through my chest, it blew up an artery, and that was surrounded by nerves. And I got total nerve damage throughout my elbow, but, again, I’m grateful it wasn’t any worse,” Casazza says.

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