Postal worker recovering after shooting

February 15, 2017

The violent incident prompted a four-day manhunt spanning two counties. Three suspects were taken into custody Wednesday morning.

The National Rural Letter Carriers Association identifies the postal worker as Marie Sebastian. We’ve reached out to her for her firsthand account, but right now she is focused on getting better.

With reward posters still taped on mailboxes, the community where the shooting took place is shaken to the core.

“Younger folks, older people – they’ve all been on edge,” says homeowner Terry Foley.
Neighbor after neighbor expressed relief to hear the suspects are off the streets.

Amanda Lawless keeps reliving the moment she saw Sebastian on the ground, bleeding.
“She was just screaming the whole time, saying it hurts and I’ve been shot,” Lawless says.

It was supposed to be Sebastian’s last day on the job. She was leaving the Postal Service to pursue missionary work.
“Nothing like last day and that happening to you,” Lawless says. “She was so brave and strong. She was tough.”

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