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Could be they left it at the wrong address to begin with and went back to correct their mistake.


Hopefully she had a pick up order and just went to the wrong delivery point. A secondary benefit of the doubt would be she misinterpreted the instructions to sieze stuff that other companies put in a mailbox so the service can slap a postage due ransom demand on it. Or she was just a porch pirate who was able to get hired by the USPS


Omg…they went back to correct a misdelivery…Jesus f ing Christ


It was probably delivered to the wrong address


Maybe the customer requested holding the mail while away?? Possible that carrier was going above and beyond the call of duty!

Mayakum Tenner

It was probably a misdelivery.


I thought that the Post Office owns access to the mail box and the front porch and inside all homes on their route? 😂😂😂