October 6, 2017

The Lakeview postal clerk who refused an order to lower the American flag to half staff on Tuesday was fired Thursday after his story appeared in the Bellefontaine Examiner.

Kip Powell reported he was terminated near the end of the work day Thursday.

He said he didn’t intend for his refusal to lower the flag to be disrespectful to victims of Sunday’s mass shooting in Las Vegas, but wanted to stand by his own convictions about when it is appropriate to fly the flag at half staff.

“I don’t feel that I got my point across that the victims deserve more and deserve better, that my stance is pro-victim and pro-flag, that lowering the flag does too little, too late for victims and requires too much of the flag,” Powell wrote.

But he said he wouldn’t change his actions, either.

“I can’t imagine doing it much differently. I’m not rash. I know what I believe. I’m frustrated that people, not only don’t understand, they won’t try to understand. My friends today were wide-eyed, but I could tell they trust me enough to believe me because they know my heart. Had I been offered an opportunity to discuss with management my feelings about it and not forced to make the decision, then possibly I would have complied and then filed a grievance later, but I can’t look back that way now.

“I would be at peace if it did really open up a conversation and effect change,” he concluded.


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Melissa Grindey

There’s people doing worse things and not getting fired, sheesh.

James Pillow

I agree the PO is letting people get away with worse, but that doesn’t change the fact that he was wrong to not lower the flag.

Aubrey Dale Carter

If he wants it back he can get it.

Melissa Grindey

I’m just saying other people were caught stealing and got their jobs back!

Thomas Krishart

Disobeying an order and expecting he could overrule upper-management and have no action taken??? Dahhhh!

Christopher Paradise

Hey, if NFL players can spew their political agenda and keep their job, so should this guy.

Robby Guevara

No higher ups not telling them not to, nice false equivalency

Elaine Brackeen

I just don’t think his reasoning is acceptable. He said the victims deserve more than the lowering of the flag. It’s something to show you care. Better than not doing anything.

Cristy Burrows

was requested by the president–wonder how much of his decision was based on going against *whom* the president is

Robert Gurganus

He says it the article that that’s not it.

James Pillow

I think Cristy may be on to something. It was President Trump who asked that the flag be lowered for the Las Vegas shooting victims. I didn’t vote for him, but I do happen to think that was the right thing to do in this instance. It’s also possible there were other issues with this guy and this was the last straw.

Jo Kappus

I don’t agree Amy that could very likely be it

Amy Reese

That seems like very strange logic to me.

Roxy Murphy

Well unfortunately for everyone your employer is within their right to terminate you for your actions. In my office we would have rolled our eyes and someone else would have just went to lower the flag.

Roxy Murphy

I did read the article. Thanks for that helpful tip Mike Douglas! Obviously you missed my point. Instead of firing the guy for just refusing to lower the flag we would have had someone else do it. With all the serious violations people commit every day in our business it’s a trivial thing to get fired over without a history of disciplinary actions…

Tim White

Its a d**n shame that your office would roll their eyes to the pain and suffering that this community has. I guess y’all are the most wonderful community ever with no problems ever. Yall would probably b***h about having veterans day off because you would have a bad Tuesday

Mike Douglas

They did. Read the article.

Debby Childers Parson

58 people lost their lives and over 500 injured! Why would you not wanna be respectful.

Joy Scarborough

This sounds like BS to me, how come he did not get a LOW? How can they fire him for one act refusing to follow an order?

Lester Lester

Look right under the picture; he was a “postal support employee”. Probably appointed by his next door neighbor for some extra Christmas cash. Love the Bellefontaine Examiner for their hard hitting coverage of postal misdeeds. Did the fool think he was going to have to raise and lower it 600 or so times?

Joy Scarborough

By the way, I think he should do what he is told, this is work, not your own house (unless it was a safety issue, which it was not).

Joy Scarborough

Okay, that explains it 🙂

Mary Mitchell

He’s s PSE

Claire Ivey

Wow, maybe he didnt get the memo, and I am not saying this out of disrespect but, we have men and women giving their lives for this country every day and it goes un noticed.

Claire Ivey

Maybe I did

Mike Douglas

And maybe you didn’t read the article you are commenting on…

Molly Hatchet-Kuipers

Probably was a lousy employee. This was most likely the proverbial straw.

Amanda Raulston Shelby

Someone else couldn’t walk out and lower it?

Heart of Texas

With that logic, if the PM told you to go deliver an express and you refused, it would be OK if someone else went and did it? You wouldn’t expect consequences?

Don Morris

They did, says so right in the article.

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