Postal worker blocks driver who hit woman

March 16, 2017

SALEM, Ore. (KOIN) — A Salem woman was seriously injured by a car that hit her while she checked her mail, Salem police said.

According to Salem police, the woman was hit on Fisher Road Thursday.

Witness Joshua Lainus was walking his dog when he saw the car hit the woman across the street. He said the car had crossed the center line.

“[It] hit her full on, into her mailbox and she smacked her head on the ground,” Lainus said.

He said the car continued for distance and then pulled over.

“That’s when the mailman further down the road chased after it and pulled it over, blocked it in,” Lainus said.

Lainus called 911 and went to help the woman. She was taken to the hospital with possible life-threatening injuries.

The driver was arrested for DUII.


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10 Comments on "Postal worker blocks driver who hit woman"

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Michael Volz

I doubt that happend

Holly Blum

Miss the truck, O no!!!

Carrie Padgett

I pray she’s ok…this happened today? Life threatening injuries 🙁

Jessica Weaver


Mark Kruse

Way to go Postal Worker!

Harry Paul

He didn’t block the car intentionally. The LLV just broke down

Jessica Weaver

She ran the car down and parked in front of her to stop her.

Harry Paul

I was jk

Kimberly Gentry

I thought it was funny ?

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