Postal Service — the preferred shipper for drug dealers

The U.S. Postal Service likes to boast that it is the nation’s most trusted government agency.

It certainly has the trust of dope dealers.

report by the Postal Service Office of Inspector General demonstrates just how valuable the mail is as a marketing tool for drug pushers: “For example, a cocaine trafficker claimed to have used the Postal Service to successfully distribute nearly 4,000 shipments, stating that they had a 100 percent delivery success rate. In addition, of the 96 traffickers who indicated they used the Postal Service as their shipping provider, 43 percent (41) offered free, partial, or full reshipment if the package did not arrive to the buyer’s address because it was confiscated, stolen, or lost.”

Using the Internet, inspector general staffers found that out of 104 illicit drug websites identifying a shipper, 92 percent indicated that they use the Postal Service. On the “clear Web” — publicly accessible pages indexed on search engines — 80 percent of the 20 sites they searched that provided guidance on how to ship illicit drugs “instructed traffickers to use the Postal Service,” according to the report.


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