Postal Service shuts down GoFundMe page for carrier that lost both legs in accident on the route

May 8, 2017

The USPS has shut down the Go Fund Me page of Mailman Mike Martinez, the N. Babylon, NY mailman struck by a car while on duty, nearly killing him, mangling one leg and ripping off the other leg, 3 1/2 weeks ago. The fund was started by a close Postal friend of his and had raised thousands for him and his family. Donations came in from all over the country…

The USPS cites a violation of Postal policy which states employees can neither solicit or receive gifts. Everyone’s money has been refunded. His brother posted about it, and undoubtedly Mike and family must be devastated at this news.  Source


Original update on the Go Fund Me page

On April 11th 2017 Michael was at work like any other day. He was at the back of his mail truck getting his mail ready for his next deliveries. A driver speeding recklessly crashed into the back of Mike’s truck and critically injured him Severing his leg off and leaving him critical in the  hospital at this moment. Mike is such a amazing friend /co worker of mine and he delivers the mail to my house everyday. His wife and two daughters can use this money to get by until any sort of financial compensation comes from the postal service and or workers comp. Please find it in your heart to help him out. Thank you and God bless;-witness-says-leg-severed/1861273/


Latest Update on the Go Fund Me page

And indeed the page is no longer accepting donations



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129 Comments on "Postal Service shuts down GoFundMe page for carrier that lost both legs in accident on the route"

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Carol Taylor Cook

I understand the postal policy on this, but this is really a bunch of c**p. Is USPS prepared to cover his medical expenses and support his family? I’ve seen requests for donations for other employees in the NRLCA magazine. How is this different?


It’s NALC, for your information.


Who cares if he’s a rural carrier or a city carrier? It’s BS either way.


If it was you or your loved one who lost both his legs would it still be BS. Yea I doubt that very much


I believe that was their point. The BS of not allowing this. I think an exception should have been made for extreme cases like this.

Wendy Keymont

This is horrible! Obviously, he will no longer be a postal employee any longer since he is now disabled! Why?? Despicable!

Marie Nadeau

Actually the USPS is supposed to cover the costs of his hospital bills and rehab. He will also get workmen’s comp. I believe they will need to find a job there that he can do, even if it’s at a desk. My injury was nowhere near the level of his, but they are legally obligated to take care of him.

Don Harris

My niece had to retire from the PO because of an injury she received while working there. The disability she received was no where near the amount she was making while working.


Workman’s comp is only a % of your regular income…

Colleen Daves

Seem to me the man will be receiving insurance payments from both the PO and the EMT who hit him, plus it was on the job injury and there for he will be covered for Life. Just saying looks like a misuse of the fund site..

Laura Harmon

You’ve obviously never dealt with being hurt on the job or the postal service. It’s not the cake walk you think it is.

Damon Harris

Colleen Daves you dont know what he’ll be getting or how long it will take to get anything.

Thai Preston

This is true. I got injured on the job and got a concussion in Oct of 2016. It is now May 2017 and I have not yet seen a dime.


If it has been that long do you have a lawyer?? If so they are delaying so they get more money ..

Tracey Madren Overman

Really? The guy loses a leg and the use of another delivering as a PUBLIC servant and you think any amount of money would be enough? And gofundme is a VOLUNTARY contribution site. If they donate, it’s because they want too yet you call this a ‘misuse of the fund site’? Please. Do us all a favor and go back under that rock you crawled out from under. EINSTEEN. GEEZ!

Kyle Chisholm

He will be covered medically for life, Colleen, but now that he will be in a wheel chair, the house will need to be remodeled to allow for chair access, bathrooms, kitchen, etc… all to accommodate his new lifestyle.

Rosemary Richards

There are government grants that cover this.How do you think everyone else in the America cover the cost.

Renee Mocha

Everyone else in America does not cover the cost. There are so many disabled people who can’t get the full accommodations they need because they can’t afford them. There isn’t just an endless font of grant money out there for purposes like this, no. It’s very hard to get it.

Trish Liles

Good grief! So people are so uncaring!
Money doesn’t give him back his legs! This is just a place where people can help he & his family maintain some normal in their life! Who cares if he gets lifetime medical care or gets a settlement from the driver that hit him! That will be years away!
If you don’t want to donate, don’t. Let those who want to do what they want.

Chrissy Rowe

By the time he receives a check from either the po or driver of other vehicle he may very well loose his home or vehicles etc etc. #1. #2- misuse of site?!? Have you ever looked at gofundme? People use it for other people to donate(pay) for freaking b**b jobs and Disney vacays.. This is in no way misuse!


He’ll get pay from the post office for 45 days, then workmen cpmp will kick in. It’s sad the postal service stopped the go fund me account. I was a letter and broke my leg in 4 places. Was off for 4 years

Eugene Mitchell

Yes he will get workers comp but only 2/3rds nontaxed and no money from person who caused accident any money received for party at fault will go to workers comp to recoup their payout on him been there he still could get a little monetary gain depending how much care is needed from now on he needs to get good workers comp attorney preferably from another big town and a personal injury attorney to go after person at fault two separate cases,separate attorneys good luck


If he have kids, he’ll get 75% of his pay

Beverly McPherson

Clearly you’ve never dealt with fed workers comp. they’ll fight him every step of the way. By the time he wins his case he’ll be lucky to still have the shirt off his back…


So true. Good luck even finding an attorney who is WILLING to take on the government in a federal worker’s comp case.

Diana Dawn

A top attorney in Milwaukee once told me that, by law, they cannot accept any money to represent mail carriers as federal employees against Federal workman’s comp.

Barbara Ranieri

That’s bullshit. You have to be a federal workman’s comp lawyer, and they have a set cap they can charge, but they DO get money for representing you, maybe just not as much as this lawyer wanted. The attorney in my case got $5500.00.

Sandra Sherwood

I’m a retired rural carrier. Beverly McPherson nailed it. He will have to FIGHT for every penny. Whatever he does get, won’t be enough for what he and his family are going thru.


I don’t believe he will have a problem getting workers compensation since he was inarguably injured on the job. The ones that have problems are the ones that claim gauge injuries that happened on the job like a generic I hurt my back without any proof.

John Doe

Wow. Colleen. You’re a d**k.


His medical may be covered for life, but only with the doctors the workman comp allows. Which means they are on the side of the postal service, and the care he receives will not be as good. He may never make the same amount of pay ever again or get the same benefits for himself or his I think you are wrong saying it is a misuse of funds. His while home will need to change in order to accommodate his needs..his vehicles, clothing, etc..the picture is much larger than you think!


If you’ve ever dealt with Federal WC; you would know that they will let you starve and be homeless before they will pay out a penny and medical needs will be ignored pending approval from WC. It’s ridiculous what it takes to even get a pain medication.


You obviously don’t work for the government. By the time OWCP get it self together he could have lost everything. I know people that have lost homes cars life savings waiting on workers comp to pay (OWCP). So yes this was very much needed oh and they only pay 66%-75% of your base salary from the date of your injury. They take out for health insurance life insurance vision and dental you have to pay the rest all off of that 66%-75% of your base salary.


Also, in any lawsuits filed by the victim, the post office gets “first dibs” from the payout to offset the loss of services of the employee. Just like in a dog bite lawsuit; the postal service gains the financial benefits when the employee sues for any damages the dog’s owner is liable for.




Colleen, you are clueless! Hopefully you will never have an otj injury. The c**p you have to go thru is mind boggling. Lucky if you get any money before 6 months. Go Mike


The way companies work these days. The Post office will probably say he shouldn’t have been standing there. So it’s his fault. The guy that hit him will be illegal or not have a pot to p**s in.


Guessing you are a usps employee since you seem to be so keen on how the internals of the usps works.


I not sounding rude but he will never be able to run with kids or grand. Just because someone is hurt on the job. It doesn’t mean they will get it quickly or that his bills will be paid. What about what they wont cover food for the family, mortgage,soap an toilet tissue. I don’t mean to sound like im being rude. Im just saying they dont pay up quick. The funds would have helped

Barbara Ranieri

Really? I’m sure that between getting just 75% of his salary, no overtime, from workmen’s comp, the fact that his family is going to have to help him with everything (and don’t talk to me about home health aides, they are there 1-2 hrs a day), rehab for months, Vehicle with hand controls, new legs every time he gains or loses weight, Sure, he’ll be a millionare. I had a friend who had the same accident. ANY extra money that he gets will not be wasted. There are a million things that workman’s comp only covers very basically.

Tracey Madren Overman

A GIFT???? Really???? I wish just once these retards making these rules would be on a highway, like 87S, off the road just a bit at a mailbox, and have a huge Peterbilt slam on his brakes because he didn’t see them making them squinch their butthole up so tight that whenever they get off the route they feel like they lost 30 pounds when they finally unsquinch it. Try doing that 20 times a day then tell me about your GIFT.

Linda Zwier Miano

Start a gofundme site for his family…
Where theres a will theres a way

Denise Casey

They did it was taken down


How about the friend putting the fund in his OWN name, instead of the victim’s name.

Linda Zwier Miano

No…not for him. For his family.

Dirk Whittemore

A non-Postal worker needs to establish it. Then it wouldn’t be a Postal employee soliciting or accepting gifts.


My thought too. Great idea.

Melanie Persons Sands

So if a Postal Employee had a go fund me for their house burning down or cancer or vacation to Timbuktu those would not be allowed either?

Rebecca S Brese

It seems to me, this Letter Carrier is a human being before a Postal worker. If people want to help out a guy who’s been the victim of an horrific accident, they should be allowed. GoFundMe is voluntary and nobody would be receiving special treatment/service because they donated out of the goodness of their hearts.

Janna Landofnod

Ah yes, but in the eyes of the postal service employees AREN’T human beings. If they saw employees as fellow humans lots of policies and workplace environments would be different.


SPOT ON. Spoken like a career postal employee who has endured the wrath of postal management and the asinine rules, regulations and brow-beating of the worst government dept. I’ve ever (not) had the privilege of working for, for 20+ years. As I told people, we don’t get paid this well for what we do. We get paid this well for what we TOLERATE.

Rebecca S Brese

True that. Every day, USPS proves to me that I am not a human being but a mechanism to get their numbers up.

Charlie Paredes

So how’s that policy gonna work if he has no legs to work with?!

Candice Aker

A page needs to be set up for his wife to help take care of her and the kids while he is on the road to recovery…they couldn’t​ take money away from her cause she’s not an employee…js

Stephanie Slider



Technically they could because it states “directly or indirectly” and if they use any of that money for him in any way (mortgage, groceries, etc) they would be able to claim it was indirect. It sucks but we all know how carrying and understanding the post office is when it comes to families and hardship.


I believe that would pass the smell test.

Jaci Gaines

Hopefully, they could word it so his name is not mentioned nor any association with the postal service

Ashley-Kyle Joslin

Do we have an address for his family that a gift could be sent directly to him and his family?

Karen McCormick

Hint: if you want to help, click on the link that says “Source” at the bottom of the last paragraph of the article that begins with “The USPS cites a violation of Postal policy…”. You should be able to get in touch with someone.

I agree that you should be able to set up a page for his family (wife and children) without mentioning the exact accident or his name or the Postal service. Good Luck!

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