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The dynamic already changed with DPS without automated flats I spend a grand total of 15 minutes casing plus the built in 23 minutes of office duty. But just breaking the contract to force an “experiment” is also wrong.


Yeah Union iz trying to fight it. It was probably their idea to begin with. No matter what, we carriers are thrown under the bus again ander the watchful eye of useless union. Do not forget who is now in union and mgmt, people who couldn’t make it on the street as carriers. Shame on you both. Hire more dumb cca’s. Half of them have some kind of restriction or become 204b. Who will, deliver mail?


Glad to see that NALC is looking out for City Carriers. When will the NRLCA begin to represent Rural Carriers. 11 hour days 6 days a week are the normal these days

Jeremiah s Puckett

What nonsense! The complaint is that they’re “on their feet for longer periods of time.” YOU ARE STILL ON YOUR FEET WHETHER CASING MAIL OR DELIVERING MAIL. I’ve never seen a carrier sit down to case the mail, and unless you have mounted delivery, you are on your feet to deliver. Personally, I got to return to an 8-mi walking route and my feet hurt less at the end of the day than prior, when I was standing in one spot for large chunks of my day. At the end of the day, one has to realize this is another… Read more »

Steven Epstein

I used to love my job!!!
Now I am sick disgusted I cant wait to retire!

Audrey lewis

Well my mail has been very late in the last few months the website states that any deliveries after 5pm are considered late I complained but nothing has changed I live up the street from the post office. 5 min away but the ail arrives between 5 to 7pm on sons says


I work in Mc Donalds I’m on my feet 10hrs a day I make 15.00 an hr. You postal workers make 30.00 an hr with benefits I don’t get benefits and if you get hangnail you go out in paid leave I don’t work I don’t get paid. My mail as been cosistly late for the last 4 months get a grip. And if you deliver mail late you get overtime I don’t feel sorry for you I live 5 minutes away from the post offics but muaul is thea last tk be delivered evêryday

Vivian R Baldwin

Ok Audrey you don’t have a clue what you are talking about.. I have been with the post office for almost 23 years. I don’t make close to 30.00 a hour. Because I’m in a small town a full time carrier job wasn’t available until this year so I have been part time all this time. Witch means No benefits from the postal service. I pay $600.00 dollars a month for my health insurance alone. I have to keep my own personal car running. Having bad health issues I couldn’t even take the full time route now. Dr has wanted… Read more »


This is not anything that hasn’t used before, I’m a retired carrier and don’t know the specifics of the national agreement . Believe me I was written up more times than I can count and understand the concerns about lost earning potential. But if it’s not spelled out in the national agreement, they can use any option that their disposal. I can only speak my own experience, these positions usually went to the senior personal, who tired of the demands of the street. Now I worked in the northeast where volume was always a strain and each, city, town and… Read more »