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Frank Wakefield

They change this rule all the time. I’ve always take out, even when they say we don’t have to.


That’s only one step. It would benefit all of us if the trays were all stacked correctly. Label holders all on the same side. Then if you want them clean for mailers, have carriers wash them out when they spill their drinks in them. This is only one small thing in hundreds that need to be fixed. Things move so much smoother when all these little things are done, it makes the big things not so big.


Hire more clerks to do this. Carriers have enough to do


I would like to know whose job it is to remove labels from DPS. One of our carriers will not do it and will not take the empties to where we keep them. I remove labels from everything I sort. Do rural carriers get paid to do it? I don’t mind picking up her empty trays and removing the labels, but I wonder why everyone else does it. I’m the only clerk in our office.