Postal Service refuses to pay for repairs after mail carrier fleeing dogs leaps on truck

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The United States Postal Service (USPS) refused to cover the cost of repairs after a working mail carrier jumped on the back of an east side resident’s truck while fleeing from a neighbor’s unleashed dogs.

The incident occurred Sept. 9, 2019 in the 700 block of Melvenia Street, according to Marcus French, the owner of the Dodge Ram 1500.

French provided copies of repair estimates for dents and paint damage he alleged were caused by the mail carrier, totaling approximately $4,500.

Footage from home security cameras obtained by News 8 shows the frenzied chase from at least two angles.

In the video, the unidentified USPS mail carrier can be seen tossing a handful of envelopes in the air and running up French’s driveway with two pit bull-type dogs in hot pursuit.

The video shows him leaping onto the back of the truck, swinging his legs over the side of the vehicle and resting his feet behind the cab in an apparent effort to escape the dogs.

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To anyone who is not a postal employee! Welcome to our world.????????????????

what did management tell him we are not responsible ? next time take like a man and let the vicious dogs bite you ? anyone in that predicament is going to do the same thing

Owner of dogs is responsible

The truck owner is obviously trying to scam the us government out of about 4400 dollars -and if his paintjob was damaged that bad from that, maybe he should go after whoever did the shotty work to begin with… Seems like it could be buffed out or, even if the cover is damaged, $4500 seems awful steep… AND, shouldn’t the vicious dogs owner be at least partially responsible for the damage (if any)???
The guy needs money for tat’s n jogging suits

I think the owner of the dogs are responsible for the damage! His dogs behaved in a threatening manner and were not contained. The carrier did what he did to avoid imminent danger. KMA you loser POS that has aggressive dogs.
Fix it on your own dime and control your dogs!

If we get bit and hurt . Who pays for us? I’m sure it I would come out at our own expenses and we would have to file accident reports Etc.. people should follow the laws . Most states have a leash law, I know of customers that think it’s funny to see a mail carrier run from their dogs, they don’t care. Of course MY DOG Don’t BITE! Hear it all the time… this was said to me as she was holding it and it bite me on the finger,,,,as I handed her , her mail, IF THEY GOT… Read more »

He doesn’t want trouble with the neighbor. Dude, you HAVE trouble with the neighbor. And? They killed another dog at some point? Why are they allowed to run about at all now? File with your insurance if you want to do it that way (Fearful Freddie) and then you can blame the insurance company for your trouble with the neighbor. Maid carrier is in no way responsible and neither is the Postal Company. I LOVE animals– but some people? Um- not so much.

ultimately it’s the USPS carrier that is at fault not the dogs owner reason being is the mail carrier directly caused the damage by jumping on vehicle which created a liability issue, yes USPS should compensate however if they were to do that with every incident involving a dog attack they would go broke. So the owner of the truck could file a claim with his insurance and let them handle it. I’m glad the postal employee is okay never should of ran in hindsight.

“Never should of ran”, that’s crazy, was he supposed to stand there and let the dogs attack him? Post office has every right to pull delivery service on that street if that customer can’t control their dogs.