Postal Service expects 10% rise in holiday mail volume

October 25, 2017

O come, all ye letters and packages.

This holiday season, the U.S. Postal Service said it expects to deliver more than 15 billion pieces of mail, including 850 million packages. Despite the rise of email and more private package deliverers, USPS says its volume is expected to be 10% more than the same period last year.

Take that, Santa!

In some cities, mail carriers will deliver packages on Christmas, the Postal Service also said in its Wednesday announcement.

It delivers packages on Sundays in most major cities across the country, but starting Nov. 26, the Postal Service will add Sunday delivery to areas that don’t normally have that service. Mail carriers will deliver 6 million packages on Sundays this holiday season.


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Symton Poole

That’s why I’m not coming back until after that mess. 😉

Georgia Meeks

Rotflmao 10% that’s what they think! Thank God they don’t get paid for thinking! More like 95%

Bonnie Warfield

But they do get paid to think, that’s where all the profits go to waste ?

Michael Cox

Yeah right…that’s a joke!

LeeAnn Inman Fortune

Really I already see a 10% increase and it’s not even November!

Ian Watosky

maybe considering packages the same as individual pieces of mail

Brandon 'Robs' Robertson

10% my ass!!!

MJ Butler-Haverly Coons

My 1 st Xmas since I retired in June, SO HAPPY to be done with it!

Sherrie Jackson Briscoe

I can’t wait to that day…I got 3 more Christmas’s and I’m DONE…

Debi Baldelli Carson

Sherrie Jackson Briscoe, I pm you.

Jacqueline Pozgar Diehl

Maybe 10% more than last year

Mark Pearl

And last year it was up ?, and the year before that it was up? I figure I’m 80% more than the last count!!

Jacqueline Pozgar Diehl

Me too, it’s crazy

Kim Juenger

That’s what the article stated; 10% more than same period last year.

Bernadine Benoit Hardy

Merry effing Christmas to all us carries, while the big guns sit by the fireplace sipping brandy???♨?

Karen Hornick Sloan

We’ve seen more than 10% all year.

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