Postal Service: Cuts Meant to Deal With Shrinking Workload

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — The U.S. Postal Service says its decision not to fill dozens of postal jobs in Des Moines is intended to deal with a shrinking workload.

The comment follows picketing Wednesday by more than 100 postal workers, customers, teamsters and others outside the post office near downtown Des Moines to protest recent job cuts.

USPS spokesman John Friess says no one has lost a job at the postal service; all cuts have come through attrition.

The Postal Service has seen growth in its package segment. But Friess says overall volume has declined by more than 3 billion pieces. He says cuts are to “reduce costs and remain competitive in the marketplace, to be able to continue to serve the public in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible and keep mail affordable.”


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Candie Lorenz

Shrinking workload. In who’s World????

Matthew Mrnodaysoff Mcleroy

…what shrinking workload…

Debbie Bostwick


Debbie Bostwick

Sorry they are ridiculous, they think if they say it, everyone believes it

Carol Lynn Schofield


Agustin Reyes

Ain’t nothing shrinking at our office, it keeps getting heavier every year.

Carol Rohrer

Packages deliver themselves, silly!

Connie Housley Patrick


Karen Combs

Shrinking work load my ass!

Cindy French Greer

Karen Combs I know this would be your reply before I even read it. LOL.

Karen Combs

LOL! Cause it’s true!!!

Tiffany Snow

7:15-5:30 today…all day non stop…the work is just getting dumped on the carriers…

Patty Grabemeyer

Lol….my workload has more than doubled!

Michelle Smith

I’m sorry I’m having a hard time figuring out and what office!!

Andrew Berens

I’m waiting for the punchline. Been here almost 40 yrs, never worked this long of days before.

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