Postal Service Conducts “Research” After Joplin Worker Caught on Camera Tossing Package

December 5, 2017

Joplin, MO –

The U.S. Postal Service says it’s “researching” a case that involved one of its workers tossing a package towards a Joplin home.  Jade Schumann says she, along with many other people, have seen videos on the internet showing delivery workers throwing packages.  But she never thought it would happen to her.

Schumann is used to people taking detours to her home because of nearby construction.  But what happened Sunday…

Schumann says, “Very ridiculous!”

Schumann wants to know why a Joplin postal carrier, seen on security video, took a shortcut, of sorts, of delivering a package to her front door.

Schumann says, “I was just like, oh my gosh!  Really?”

We’ve blurred out the postal carrier’s face.  The U.S. Postal Service confirmed to us this person is a Joplin Post Office worker.  Schumann’s doorbell security camera is what recorded the carrier toss her package towards her front door.

“The distance of my porch, it’s definitely under 10 feet.  Maybe six to eight feet,” says Schumann.

Nothing breakable was in that package, but the post office is now still dealing with a seemingly fragile situation.  In a statement, a post office spokesperson says, “The vast majority of the nearly five billion packages shipped using the U.S. Postal Service each year arrive swiftly, safely and intact.  However, even one mishandled package is unacceptable and does not reflect the careful efforts of the thousands of professional, dedicated carriers and clerks in our workforce.”

Schumann says another postal carrier has since come to her door with much less hurry to leave.

“He said the postmaster might be reaching out to me later, and he was sorry, as a mail carrier, that that happened,” says Schumann.


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Christopher Paradise

Every single carrier should assume they every single house has a camera. The reason why everyone has a camera is beyond. The carrier shouldn’t be throwing parcels at the porch, but then again, customers would be shocked to see how they are distributed in office.

Stephen Richard

Parcels are thrown from the time they are accepted , until they are delivered. .Just common sense should tell you that there is no time to gently carry every box through every step of handling..especially when the PO only gives approximately 30 seconds to deliver that package. ..

Jennifer Metz

You know as carriers you pretty much know what is in most boxes and if it actually was breakable they generally put the word fragile on it not to mention in today’s day and age people are ordering the stupidest things like paper towels diapers stuff that doesn’t break most things do not break I think everyone is just so sensitive anymore that it’s really getting ridiculous and the fact that the post office decides we should be able to deliver UPS FedEx DHL Amazon and our own stuff and our mail without taking any extra time it is THEIR… Read more »

Tiffany London

Perfectly said Jennifer Metz!

Stephen Richard

Cant damage that carton of diapers…..Just amazes me how rapidly things got out of hand , and how overwhelmed carriers are now…And all for free considering just how long ago we had a national count

Greg Dedeo

Carrier are in the public eye. We both know they are tossed around like football’s by the clerks. Still doesn’t make it right for the carriers to do in view of customers

Stephen Richard

Finishing my sixth day of being more freaking cartons of dog food .. no more battling the snow with a piece of shit truck that gets stuck on leaves , and never again roll back in the dark with a truckload of picked up parcels..It was a great place 37 years ago when i started , but the future looks pretty nasty for the carriers

Carolyn Green

Hurry Hurry Hurry. They love the runners till they get caught cutting corners.

Doug Horton

The video of automated parcel handling says, a parcel must be able to withstand an eleven foot vertical drop…..
Customers whining about, while getting FREE DELIVERY 6 days a week….

Lori Mae Hatfield

Really folks…How many stand up talks do we have to have about “bowling” packages…take the things to the door…makes us all look bad!!!

Julie Burns

who ever this is could not take a couple extra step to put it by the door really come on man grow up and do your job right

Jacob Ibarra

If they only knew how many times their package is thrown before the carrier receives it.

Suzanne Brugioni Stidham

Looks like a city carrier, couldn’t see the video. Micromanaged much? 5 seconds at each stop would probably add up after awhile. And I would like to go to these peoples place of employment and critique their performance, I’m sure every place does things that a regular customer would “very ridiculous”!

Michelle Stevens

Not necessarily. In our area, they are giving all new RCAs a city carrier shirt in training.

Michael Puskas

That’s all their good at is research and it will cost millions

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