Postal Service breaks its silence on criticism of Amazon shipping agreement

Ross Marchand, director of policy at the Taxpayers Protection Alliance, made his allegations in a Jan. 2 op-ed column for THE HILL, a Washington, D.C., newspaper that typically focuses on Congress.

In it, Marchand claimed “the biggest and ugliest secret lies below the surface in the rampant postal crony-ism that disproportionately benefits e-commerce giants such as Amazon.”

Like Trump, Marchand claims Amazon is paying the Postal Service too little for package delivery services.

It was “a misinformed and misleading rant” complained David Partenheimer, the agency’s public relations manager, in a Jan. 5 response.

Although it was not intended as a response to the president, Partenheimer’s comments to THE HILL easily could be taken to be what the Postal Service also could have said to Trump’s demand that the USPS sharply increase its prices for Amazon’s parcels.

“Some of our competitors in the package delivery space would dearly love for the Postal Service to aggressively raise our rates higher than the marketplace can bear,” wrote Partenheimer.

That would help the competitors “so they could either charge more themselves or syphon away postal customers,” he added.

The spokesman continued to praise the Postal Service’s pricing policies, saying they were created to give “reliable, universally available and affordable delivery options” to postal customers.

“These strategies are applied fairly and reasonably and reflect the needs of the public and the marketplace,” Partenheimer said.

“To suggest otherwise is a detriment to the reader and the consumer,” he concluded.

That, perhaps, is a bit more pointed than Postmaster General Brennan wants to be with the president. But it was a strong defense of what has been one of the few bright parts of the Postal Service’s revenue streams.

Brennan has long said that packages are a key element in the agency’s efforts to deal with the erosion of first-class mail volume.

Letters, long the mainstay of USPS revenues, continue to decline. Parcels are seen as a way to save the organization.

That’s a lesson that Brennan hopes the president — and Marchand — can understand.


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Mark Pearl

They didn’t mention that rural carriers have been delivering amazon for free since the last count!!!

Karen Bayles Lee

I say that every day!! ?

Tom Stephens

Some rural carriers have

Shaun Haase

You’re doing it for free not the post office

Aaron LaFollette

And HCR Contract Carriers got screwed to the damn wall in this deal, there are more than you think.

Aaron LaFollette

I threw in the towel in late October after years of service without a valid complaint or write-up. They announced 12/1 that parcels would be delivered on Sunday for the first time in the area working HCR carriers 7 days a week…

Robin Werstler

Or the fact that the dimension or weight guidelines seem to not apply to amazon.

Louis Colee III

A bunch of bullshit as usual

Kathy Smith

I guess they do like it the carriers deliver them for free and the volume and weight of them are hurting our bodies

LeAnna Simmons

I’ve been counted with Amazon. I guess it depends where your at. Don’t worry…during count the UPS guys are mad at you for their Christmas volume in Feb!

Mark Taylor

We had a special September count with Amazon, and now they’re delivering their own. It’s going to be an interesting couple months.

Len Winston

I’ve never been counted with Amazon. And asked

Aaron LaFollette

We were offered a count too, and mysteriously during that count Amazon completely vanished in our area other than UPS Surepost….

Jennifer Metz

The competitors are already charging their customers more and we’re the ones delivering those packages….the post office should charge more because most businesses only ship with UPS and FedEx now as it is….we should be getting a bigger piece of the pie…. And maybe then the Post Office wouldn’t be so short handed because they would pay their employees what they deserve and they will make regulars instead of having routes being held down and then split up

Tom Stephens

So ho2 is the post office charging more going to get us more business?

Paula Waddington

The point to begin with was why aren’t UPS and FedEx paying more for us to do their work. The article totally ignores that.

Jennifer Metz

Because FedEx and UPS can’t handle their own deliveries which is why they give them to us Tom Stephens

Jennifer Metz

Yes I totally agree Paula Waddington….that’s exactly what Trump was saying and it makes perfect sense…. Charge fedex DHL UPS more money and we(USPS)will be in much better shape as a whole they can’t handle their work

Shaun Haase

I’d like to know what you think we should be paid?

Jennifer Metz

Considering they’re willing to pay retirees just about $20.00 /hr to work during the count I’d like to get paid that.

Jennifer Metz

If you’re paying attention to what I said we are short handed all the time because they can’t keep RCA’S we don’t get paid enough for the amount of work we are doing at this point in time…..Considering the post office dropped the rate of pay for starting employees. I started on the city side in 1992 making $12/hr….25 years later the pay rate is $17 meanwhile some RCA’S that I work with that started around 2000 started at $18…now they make over $20 /hr and I’m making $17 for the exact same job only it costs a lot more… Read more »

Scheryl Orr Wright

By my understanding. We deliver fed ex and ups for exchange of them using their planes to move usps mail faster across the country. It makes sense, I’ve never seen a usps plane, lol.

Lisa Kay Thomas

USPS use UPS and FEDEX planes because they don’t have planes anymore so in exchange for them using theirs planes USPS delivers some of their parcels.

Jennifer Metz
Jennifer Metz
Jennifer Metz

How do you think they get their packages across the country so quickly? If you order a package from one of them it goes to their hub until he gets transferred to a Post Office we are only doing the last mile not the entire package….that’s why it takes an extra day To get your package at your house because they send it to their hub and then they have to transfer it to a Post Office

Jennifer Metz

Isn’t it amazing how when the president says something nowadays it can totally be ignored unlike the past 200 years before

Tracee Bradley

The postal service is killing it’s workforce with this and they don’t even care.

Bonnie Warfield

Driving nails in their own coffins

Gloria Woolery


Johnny Criss

“”Some of our competitors in the package delivery space would dearly love for the Postal Service to aggressively raise our rates higher than the marketplace can bear,” wrote Partenheimer.
That would help the competitors “so they could either charge more themselves or syphon away postal customers,”” he added.

Basically, the USPS states that they are cutting their own throat to spite the competition. That’s hardly a defensive response. ?‍♂️?‍♂️

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