Postal Service aware ‘Informed Delivery’ used fraudulently

ORLANDO, Fla. – A postal inspector with the United States Postal Service confirmed to News 6 the agency is investigating nearly two dozen cases in Central Florida of “Informed Delivery” being used fraudulently.

Postal Inspector Rick Johnsten said his office is investigating nearly two dozen cases involving Informed Delivery in Central Florida.

“Typically, what we’re seeing when Informed Delivery is utilized fraudulently, it’s because the person’s already been a victim of identity theft,” Johnsten said. The service does require you to answer questions when signing up. Only if your identity has been stolen would someone be able to answer those questions, according to Johnsten.

Crooks are stealing people’s identities, signing them up for credit cards, then using Informed Delivery to know when those cards are coming in the mail. Criminals sign up using their email address and the victim’s information, so photos of the victim’s mail go to the criminal daily.

“We have set up a program manager that’s overlooking specifically Informed Delivery and any fraud related to it,” Johnsten said.


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The postal service needs to scrap informed delivery period.


The postal service needs to FIRE the useless piece of crap that came up with this idea. Not make excuses for their constant screw ups.

j. stelle

If SPM scans is the future of mail counts then informed delivery needs to be eliminated. I was noticing that every time I have an SPM scan it most often alerts me to scan mail at a house with the least amount of mail (a few letters or no mail at all. Then I thought…the USPS knows through informed delivery exactly how many pieces are being delivered to any given house on any given day..what stops them from using informed delivery to manipulate SPM scans? Answer: nothing stops them, as a matter of fact Informed delivery helps thems.


I live in Ohio and the scam just happened to me. Got the notice from the Post Office in the mail to thank me for signing up for the Informed Delivery. BUT I never did. Stupid idea, very stupid


And if spm was a credit to mail carriers all box holder would have a scan for us to scan. its time consuming and stops the flow of my duty. and the alerts come on usually prior to address. then remember to get it at the address. just more stress to remember. but……

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