Postal Inspection Service accepting applications

June 16, 2017

The Postal Inspection Service needs your help to protect customers from crimes involving the U.S. Mail.

If you’re up for the challenge, apply to become a postal inspector from Monday, June 19, at 9 a.m. CDT through Saturday, June 24, at 9 a.m. CDT.

Inspectors are federal law enforcement agents with investigative jurisdiction in all criminal matters involving the integrity and security of the Postal Service.

Inspectors investigate criminal, civil and administrative violations of postal-related laws, often using forensics and cutting-edge technologies.

The Inspection Service Online Application page has information on the applicant screening process and how to apply.

Before applying, applicants should read the general eligibility requirements on the online Employment Eligibility page.


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47 Comments on "Postal Inspection Service accepting applications"

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Phyllis Butler Newman

According to the post office I’m too old would like to done it

Christy McBroom Ellett
U r too old because u have to give them at least 20 years so u can retire by the age of 57 & u have can’t weigh over a certain amount & u have to be able to do so many push-ups & run so far (it’s like a police job)-my husband made it that far -lost weight-passed the big test in Atlanta (which was a lot of essay questions) -he made it to the group testing up north -he was 6 months into the process & found out he was too old -he was heart broken because most… Read more »
Kirby Brant

Isn’t that descrimination?

Phyllis Butler Newman

As far as I’m concerned I think so

Pete Salerno

What do you have to have to be eligible my phone won’t open up the link

Michelle Morgan

I can’t open on my tablet. What’s the age requirements?

Liz Lightfoot

Younger than 37

Michelle Morgan

Discrimination I believe!

Manny Meza

Pretty sure you need a 4 year degree.

Christy McBroom Ellett

Yes u do & under the age of 37

Michelle Weiss Cherry

Ages 21-37 with a bachelors

Donna Johnson

Under 37 years of age. Bachelors degree.

Julie Andrew Marsh

Chris Parris

Criselda Gonzalez

Yesenia Gonzalez look for Michael

Rosemary Lewis

Minerva Pacheco

Minerva Pacheco

Rachel the postal inspector said I can’t apply this around… I email her sometimes


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