Postal employees reminded to use updated 3849 notices

The Postal Service wants employees to remember to use the re-designed PS Form 3849, which carriers are required to leave when they are unable to deliver an item successfully.

The form — now called “We ReDeliver For You!” — features a simpler format with additional instructions for letter carriers, retail associates and customers.

USPS began using the new form Jan. 21. In addition to promoting the form through employee news publications, the Postal Service has produced a 1-minute, 30-second video that explains the form’s new features.

Post Offices should discontinue using previous versions of PS Form 3849 and only use the redesigned form.


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Tanya N Wesley Peters

Someone did not thinks these new forms out very well!

Raylene Miller

Someone that has NEVER went to a door with an accountable maybe???

Jorge KaLtero


Jennifer Langworthy Mccormick

Agreed! I hate them and will not use them until the others run out. And, fortunately, I found a huge stash this morning ?

Tanya N Wesley Peters

I stick them to the front door but most of my customers never use their front and never even see them.

Lisa Erlandson Prater

During mail count remember to count them as a flat, especially on second notices.

Rose Smith

The bad part is the post office started these and not all offices use these.

Christopher Paradise

We were told not to because the system isn’t working yet to link up the packages with the barcode on the 3849. Imagine that. BTW, do we stick them to the door or put them in the mailbox? I’m sticking with the mailbox.

Teresa Legate

They stick very well to doors… twenty to thirty mph wins and snow and mine stayed for two days til owner…. came home…..everything scanned fine….

Rachel Pieruccini

our little office is trying to burn thru the old ones?

Theresa Q Smith

Mine too ?

Ginger Mintun Smith

We all use the new ones…..

Theresa Q Smith

Ginger Mintun Smith Seriously

Ginger Mintun Smith

Ya they put a stack on everyone’s desk and asked us to use the new ones only

Michael Mohr

We just got them last week. They’re fine. I don’t have to write out 12 numbers for every stupid item anymore. I am okay with this. And so are the clerks because I have the penmanship of a 5 year old decorating the walls.

Annettek Davis

Have not seen them.

Ken Boyd

I stuck one to a door right after Christmas… it’s still there… ?

Keith Robbins


Leslie Lawson

We still don’t have them

Shawn Defibaugh

Still don’t have them at my office. Most of the employees don’t even know there’s a new one.

Jeanne Backus

?? my supervisors do not even know they exist…???

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