Postal Employees gear up for busiest delivery day

December 21, 2016

This is it.

The Postal Service expects to deliver 30 million packages Dec. 22, making it the year’s busiest delivery day.

The final surge will cap a milestone week that also included the year’s busiest mailing and shipping day, when USPS served an estimated 12 million customers at Post Offices and online.

Overall, the Postal Service projects it will deliver 16 billion mailpieces during the holidays — including 750 million packages, up 12 percent from last year.

Employees say they’re ready for the final push.

“Customers on my routes tend to have two, three, and even four packages delivered to them at one time,” said Hillsdale, MI, Rural Carrier Nancy Bumpus. “As long as you’re organized, deliveries move smoother and my vehicle gets emptied pretty quickly.”

To prepare for the holidays, the Postal Service added new parcel-sorting equipment in plants, hired more than 35,000 seasonal employees and expanded Sunday delivery operations to all locations with high package volumes.

USPS also continued to emphasize its core principals, such as accurate scanning and delivering packages with care, through its #PostalProud initiative.

Bumpus said these efforts make a difference.

“I love what I do,” she said. “I keep a smile on my face all day.”


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Martha Marie Fesler

Will Johnson tomorrow won’t be good lol

Will Johnson

Sounds like a call in kinda day lmao

Beverly Jarred Griess

Uh ..NO we already got one!!!

Martha Marie Fesler

Who..U ? Lol

Dawn Harris

Samantha & Monique… Ughhh!!!

Samantha De La Cruz

Makes me tired already

Ashley Lucas


Monique Bindscheattel

Nooooooo I don’t wanna

Michelle Weiss Cherry

Can’t be worse than Monday!! I hope!

Rachel Andrews Newman

Monday was horrid!

Franny Young

Monday was awful & that is an understatement!!!


Oh Monday was a killer??
Oh it will be like Monday or worse!!

Emily Perez

Not again ???

Kenneth Pendleton

Joe Russell well this can’t be good news. Will you take my scanner so I can go home?

Bill Burwell

Home? What is that. Kenny P, you signed up for the long haul.

Kenneth Pendleton

347 scans Monday billy

Bill Burwell

Kenneth Pendleton, nice. The explorer must have been dragging a*s!

Dorothy Jo Selzler

Tina Nichols Ransiear?

Kim Rvra

Stalin Alvarado, prepárate para para la 37! jajajaja

Stalin Alvarado

La Madre!!!

Bobbie Hunt Johnson

Virginia Sigmon

Emily Perez

Diann Hays Helen Perez Dean

Helen Perez Dean

Boo !!!????

Kenneth Birditt

I will have to see it to believe it…the past 2 days have been nice!

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