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william p mea

Why isn’t the USPS enforcing the DM and enforcing the $5 to $10K fines for putting parcels into the mailboxes? Is the USPS so afraid of Amazon to do this? They are paid to deliver it to the door just like UPS and FedEx. By short cutting this rule of thumb they are cutting their delivery cost while taking money out of our pockets. Some at our office in West Chester, Pa also bring them back while others thrown them on the ground (bad move). Every package we bring back cost them more to redeliver. BRING THEM BACK!

Gary smith

Yet at our PO we are getting more from Amazon Because they are helping deliver in Buffalo. Amazon delivery is a farce. If they can pay taxes and all the other cost that the PO does not have to pay and still turn a profit. The Post Office needs to hire a cost accountant. UPS Thinks the PO charges to little, The PO claims it bleeds cash. Yet they are terrified Amazon can do it cheaper. Amazon the 3rd world of delivery. Who needs heat or bathrooms tents are fine.


FYI: Scared $ Don’t Make $!!! USPS MAILBOXES = USPS DELIVERY ONLY! ANY ? (Just like that egg commercial).


Poor post office 🙁 I bought the mail box and in my opinion anybody I want can put something in my mailbox. When the USPS pays for and installs it then they can say what goes in it. If the remove something from it I will consider it theft.