Postal carriers in Glassell Park afraid to deliver mail due to gang violence

July 13, 2017

 – At first glance Drew Street is like many others in this Northeast Los Angeles neighborhood, however a long history of gang violence including a shooting on June 27 at almost killed a letter carrier has led to a big change in this neighborhood.

The mail is no longer being delivered on the 3300 block, instead residents have to make about a five minute drive to the post office in nearby Eagle Rock and pick up their mail in person.

It’s an inconvenience of course but from the Postal Service this point to view the safety of their personnel takes priority.

A spokeswoman for the Postal Service said she couldn’t tell FOX 11’s Phil Shuman how many times that this drastic step has been taken but it is very rare.

The police surprisingly wouldn’t talk about the case at all other than the standard “it’s under investigation” which we don’t quite understand.

No description of the suspect, no circumstances of the shooting, nothing.


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Jacob Ibarra

Dog spray

Susie Schulz

They probably have guns, not sure dog spray would help. Scary stuff

Chrissy N Andy Wagner

Omg god bless

Charlie Davis

FedEx it

Stacey Duncan

I’ll do it 🙂

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