Post office pushes bigger curbside boxes

November 27, 2017

WILMINGTON – As holiday shopping season swirls in the air like early-winter flurries, signs at the Wilmington post office are encouraging residents who receive mail at home to install larger parcel-sized mailboxes. The signs are labeled “Next Generation Mailboxes” and depict mailboxes that are 13.63 inches wide, 7.75 inches tall on both sides, 12 inches tall at the center, and 16.5 inches deep.

According to Steve Doherty, northeast area communications specialist for the United States Postal Service, the signs are part of an overall push on the part of the post office. Doherty says that last year, the parcel side of USPS’s business increased by $2.1 billion, with package volume up 11.4%.

Doherty says that traditionally in rural areas, mail is delivered to the curb. But as customers receive more and more packages, carriers have felt compelled to deliver packages to the door.

“Normally a rural carrier will pull up to your curbside box and deposit your mail,” says Doherty. “If there’s a package that’s oversized and won’t fit in the box, (the carriers) don’t usually like to leave something on the ground by your mailbox, and it’s a nuisance when they leave a notice and tell you to come to the post office to pick a package up. So more often than not, they do make the trip to the door to safely deliver it out of sight and weather.”

Those trips to the door take time, though, and the volume of packages coming through the mail is consistently increasing. “These new curbside boxes can accommodate something the size of a shirt box,” says Doherty. “So if you’re someone who routinely orders thing online, by getting a larger mailbox, everything can now be delivered to the curb.”


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104 Comments on "Post office pushes bigger curbside boxes"

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Michelle Shawgo Schisler

I firmly believe if a customer is ordering online….a large parcel mailbox should be required.
Mail boxes were designed for mail. Letters and magazines. Not the influx of online shopping.
I also believe if they continue to order large items they should be required to have a parcel locker at the end of drive.

No one is forcing them to order on line……. would solve a lot of time issues.

Diana Dawn

One of my customers informed me today that he would like to put a parcel box right next to his mailbox at the street and I couldn’t have been more pleased.

Darlene Lambright

I have a customer that gets so many pkgs every day that I put them in a clear garbage bag & deliver it to the porch. He put up a new box this year…..standard small box….grrrr!

Alice Pratt

I’d just be happy if they would fix the ones they have.

Matthew-Chanda La Na Ellison
Becki Shrader Davenport

Cassie Davenport Simons

Dina Pressley Griffin

Melissa Gallagher LaDon Yeager don’t we wish ! Lol

LaDon Yeager


Melissa Gallagher

If they would shape them to fit Amazon and do away with pmg approvals on boxes that won’t even fit medicine! Lol

Leland Grant

i fought for the last 2 years i worked, when all de rich folks put up tiny mail boxes inside brick posts, and then ordered tons of c**p daily, i fought to make usps to mandate boxes, results, zero support from pm, from union and from customers who wanted me to drive 1/2 miles to the house wade thru their dog packs ,bring it to the door, and say yowza boss, ring bell and wait until they had time to come to the door

Susan Drawdy

About time

Doug Horton

I’m thinking about buying a few of my customers huge boxes myself…. 📭

Paula Waddington

So you can put one of their six packages in the box and take the rest to the door 🤣

Stacy Traffanstedt

So what about locking slot mail boxes, that you can’t even put a thick catalog in?

LeAnna Simmons

How about getting rid of those dumb lock boxes wugh 1 inch slots? I sometimes have to fight with the mail to get it in with all the magazine’s they get in a day with this declining volume I keep hearing about.

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