Post office pushes bigger curbside boxes

WILMINGTON – As holiday shopping season swirls in the air like early-winter flurries, signs at the Wilmington post office are encouraging residents who receive mail at home to install larger parcel-sized mailboxes. The signs are labeled “Next Generation Mailboxes” and depict mailboxes that are 13.63 inches wide, 7.75 inches tall on both sides, 12 inches tall at the center, and 16.5 inches deep.

According to Steve Doherty, northeast area communications specialist for the United States Postal Service, the signs are part of an overall push on the part of the post office. Doherty says that last year, the parcel side of USPS’s business increased by $2.1 billion, with package volume up 11.4%.

Doherty says that traditionally in rural areas, mail is delivered to the curb. But as customers receive more and more packages, carriers have felt compelled to deliver packages to the door.

“Normally a rural carrier will pull up to your curbside box and deposit your mail,” says Doherty. “If there’s a package that’s oversized and won’t fit in the box, (the carriers) don’t usually like to leave something on the ground by your mailbox, and it’s a nuisance when they leave a notice and tell you to come to the post office to pick a package up. So more often than not, they do make the trip to the door to safely deliver it out of sight and weather.”

Those trips to the door take time, though, and the volume of packages coming through the mail is consistently increasing. “These new curbside boxes can accommodate something the size of a shirt box,” says Doherty. “So if you’re someone who routinely orders thing online, by getting a larger mailbox, everything can now be delivered to the curb.”


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Nancy Garrett

you can’t even get them to fix and repair boxes how do you expect to get them to put up bigger boxes?

Stephanie Spindor

And how is the post office losing money????




By Congress’s demand to pre-fund future healthcare benefit so far out that many have yet to be born. Over $2B a year. That’s how

Mark Pearl

Only so they can pay us less per parcel. Because 30 seconds is just way too much time

Karen Hornick Sloan

Wait…I thought the preferred postal regulation mailbox was cluster boxes for everyone…

Sheila Waldrip

That’s what I was thinking too. As usually everything changes daily with this place.


That’s what I thought too

Joy Scarborough

Right, instead of paying the carriers to deliver the parcels, make the customers take care of your problem. Sounds about right. I do have a larger than normal mailbox, but unless someone runs it over, it will be good for 20 years, asking the customers to replace their mailboxes is NOT a solution to the horrendous influx of parcels from online shopping. Good grief.

Lisa Wang Roesler

Everyone should have bigger boxes!!! It’s about time… nothing fits in the standard size boxes anyway! They shouldn’t even be an option!!

Sally Osborne

I agree! Take em off the shelves and websites!

Aaron LaFollette

A better solution would have been the foresight to require small Amazon parcels to be shipped in a box that would fit in a standard mailbox. Too much effort?

Heather Haney

I really think they do that on purpose!

Joy Scarborough

Oh, how about a mailbox big enough to fit a 40lb bag of dog food, and LLVs the size of semi trucks? Beyond stupid.

John Crutchfield

The article says that carriers have felt compelled to take packages to the door. If I knew that I didn’t have to take it to the door I would just write a 3849 for anything that won’t fit in the mailbox and leave them all at the post office.

Rebecca Becker

Compelled? More like told we have to.

Denise Sweeten

Love the way they world things. Now it will be the carriers fault they have to get a bigger box.

Michael Waite

That’s why people are pissed at the PO. As a city carrier I always made the attempt. That’s my job

William Mcintyre

Michael Waite look up sarcasm in the dictionary

John Crutchfield

I don’t understand why they would tell the person writing the article that carriers feel compelled to take packages to the door when it is a requirement to take all packages to the door unless there is a hazard or gate preventing delivery.

Tiffany London

So we can leave packages by the box? Lol!

Susie Johnson Cook

I saw that, also. This person doesn’t kniw the rules. They must be getting us confused with UPS.

Tiffany London

Well if he approves then… let’s do it! Lol jk.

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