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Heart of Texas

Can’t keep RCAs now, go to 5 day and watch even more abandon ship.

Liz F Brooker

This was decided upon a few years back and announced at my workplace. Then closer to the beginning date > Abandoned.


These politicians just don’t get the USPS. Our main function is to deliver the mail. They have got to change their focus. I want to be able to have a retirement.


This is what happens when you have people that can’t understand money management, not prepared for lost due to technology, costly and willful violation of the ELM and investing in known unreliable equipment. The USPS has never been a PROACTIVE Company. If the USPS was a private company, current management would have been removed years ago.


No money, Really???
Maybe we should look at the folks monitoring our left turns, excessive reverse actions, whether were “wearing” our doggy protecting satchels, etc and offer them real RCA jobs and leave the regular carriers alone!
I spent 4 months trying to schedule a Dr appt just to know if a cancerous tumor was growing or if it was something insignificant.
We need replacements and at 5 days, we’d never see one again!


If the Post Office wants to save money have Management and Postmaster pivot in two offices a day and put management on salary. The management in my office does artist and crafts, has a drone he plays with, washers his and the postmaster cars in the summer, watches full movies daily and so much more. Then they are at work 10 to 14 hour days getting overtime. It’s a joke the way the post office is run. Let’s not forget about the special teams that come in and pretend they are doing something, waste of money!

Jeannette Moulton

My idea is that I feel they should offer a Dual Position, so that Clerks would be able to help neighboring Post Offices deliver mail. In my area we have a neighboring Post Office that has three carriers out on medical leave and the mail is not being delivered. Our office is handling complaints every day and referring them to The Post Office with the problem. AS I started my career with the Postal service as a TRC then an RCA then a PTF Carrier the I switched crafts to a PTF at the time I asked my PM Why… Read more »


spun this crap before now working 7 days a week plus holidays way to go


Thank you, Lawmakers and a special “thank you” goes out to Rep. Mark Meadows!
I don’t understand why nobody is questioning the “Pre-funding” retirement system congress put into play?!?


They wouldn’t have this problem if the USPS would go up on their bulk mailing!! I get letters in the mail this is bulk (standard) with 11 cents on it! I mean really?? Go up on that and you make more money