Police: Rogue Mail Carrier Terrorizing Puyallup Neighborhood

December 15, 2017

PUYALLUP, WA – Puyallup police and the U.S. Postal Service are investigating a possible rogue mail carrier on the loose in a local neighborhood. Police suspect the mail carrier has written graffiti on cars and used a postal truck to knock over trash cans.

On Wednesday, police responded to the 400 block of 10th Avenue Southeast after a local resident found the phrase “Don’t Park Here” written on her car in black felt pen. The carrier has left similar notes in the neighborhood, according to police, and the handwriting on the car matched those notes.

Other neighbors complained to police about the postal carrier knocking over trash bins with a postal truck. The neighborhood the carrier is allegedly terrorizing is east of the state fairgrounds and north of SR 512.

Police are investigating the “Don’t Park Here” vandalism as malicious mischief. Police have been in touch with a U.S. Postal Inspector about the activity.


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Cindy Askew Chreiman

I know this is not right. But….how many times has the carrier went to customer and to management to get this problem fixed with ppl parking in front of mailbox or the line of travel so the carrier has had to get out to service the box and the same with the trash cans. So I can feel the carriers pain in having to deal with this on the street and dealing with management with why it is taking so long on the street. But at the end what the carrier did was not right

Dianne Daley

Blocked box gets mail tomorrow….

Miss behavin

HELL YAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Cindy Askew Chreiman

Dianne Daley need to look in your P603 they get delivered. Only person that can delay mail is PM you can get in trouble for not delivering mail to
A box that is blokes unless it is a saftey issue. So think before you make ire self wrong


The only one that can stop mail delivery is the District Manager not the Postmaster alone.

Leah Wolfe

Blocked box no service if you want you should put a notice under the windshield wiper of the vehicle…it takes 1 extra moment but works pretty well. There is a PS form # so-in-so that is kosher.

Christiana Lee

I don’t deliver to ones that are blocked. If they have a pkg there’s a scan that says box blocked so why would you ever get out. We don’t get paid a dismount every time they leave their crap in the way.

Miss behavin

Thank YOU.

Dianne Daley

Cindy Askew Chreiman sorry, that was instruction from PM…

Christy Zeroone

The rule is dismount for three days and leave a note in box. If it isn’t fixed after three days the mail goes on a 10 day hold.

AmyandMike Copeland

Tracy D. Kleven Davila


If the box is blocked, don’t deliver it. Especially if they make a habit out of it. You don’t get paid to dismount at a blocked box.

Brian Andrews

Yes , you do get paid to get out and deliver to a blocked box. Postal regulations require the carrier to get out and deliver to a blocked box unless it is unsafe. The carrier needs permission from their Postmaster (who gets it from the district manager) to suspend deliver because of continuouslyblocked boxes.

Melanie Denney

Ashley Shelby Jennifer arnott dr ??

Shelby Grinder

Lmao Ahahahaha damn

Deanna Jellison Hardin

Deal with it everyday

D.r. Dudgeon

Jacob Dunn Rebecca Snyder Eric Thompson Samantha Lea Walker
We all have our days!!!

Rebecca Snyder

Don’t park here ??

Jacob Dunn

Sometimes you just gotta take it out on mailboxes

Eric Thompson

I didn’t read the article

Carol Cristo

I’m waiting for a story about homes being vandalized with their address NUMBERS spray painted on people’s houses 😀

Maggie Pollaski White

Something we all thought of doing. That and pushing them out of the way with that big bumper. BaaHaHa

Tonya Hoke Friend

I do it

Nathan Wiseman

Sure blame the mail carrier!!! Haha

Tim Rivera

Neighborhood terrorizes mail carrier by blocking mailboxes with cars and trash cans.

Miss behavin

That’s WHAT I’m saying!

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