Police arrest two after finding Tulsa motel room full of USPS mail sorting bins

January 12, 2018

TULSA, Okla. - Tulsa police arrested two people accused of using fake money orders and taking part in a massive mail theft scheme.

Justa Richardson and Matthew Myers were first arrested in December 2016 after using fake money orders at an east Tulsa motel. Police investigating the case found more fake money orders used at a midtown motel this week.

When officers went to the motel, they found a dozen white plastic USPS sorting bins and a USPS mailbox key on Myers' keychain.

Police believe the duo stole the key from a mail truck and took bins full of mail from various boxes around the city.

Police are expecting federal indictments for mail-related crimes to be filed against the suspects.


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Debi Baldelli Carson

When I see our tubs at yard sales, garages, etc. I take them!

Shonna Dorsey

Me too. 😉

Lottie Taylor

I dump them out and take. Thrift store on my route was using some. Lady said what are you doing, I let her read the warning on the side. Next day all the ones she had in the back was waiting for me to pick up. Lol.????

Debi Baldelli Carson

Found these for sale on our local auction site. I called the number on the side of the tub to report these.

Dawn Dee Kiehn

Camp ground hosts are notorious for using them for firewood here. Pull out my ID badge like a police and I promptly tell them to read the side of the tub. The whole misuse federal crime thing makes most dump and hand me the tub. Lol.

Dawn Dee Kiehn

Garage sales . They aren’t selling the tub but stuff in it like the bin belongs to them.

Mark Pearl

Maybe they were secretly hired by the usps, and we’re getting ready to hide mail for the upcoming count.


RIGHT??!! OMG Comment award goes to you!!

Liz Lightfoot

Seriously! Would make a great hiding spot.

Mitch Goad

Debbie Benson Dungan

Marcia Thomas

Nilda Ritch.

Janet Penner Riddle

Stupid asses

Bev Dupra


Tom Stephens

Read the article they weren’t arrested for the tubs.

Kristy Kriegel Knight

Surprised too that the fact they had an arrow key wasn’t the headline

Dawn Dee Kiehn

At least for once it wasn’t the bad seed mail carrier doing the bad deed, although how the Hell did they get our CBU keys. We are required to attach them to us, I believe they have a 3 partner. Damn it, why does so few make us hard working, love our job carriers look so bad @!@@!

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