PMG thanks employees for their support in the food drive

PMG Megan J. Brennan is thanking employees for their efforts to prepare for the Stamp Out Hunger food drive, to be held Saturday, May 13.

The National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) leads the annual one-day drive in which USPS employees collect food donations for local pantries.

“Our commitment to help stamp out hunger is as strong as ever, and I thank all employees for supporting this important initiative,” Brennan said. “Through our collective efforts, we can make a difference in the lives of millions of Americans in need.”

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the drive, which has collected 1.5 billion pounds of food since 1993.

Organizers want to beat the record set in 2016, when 80.1 million pounds of food were collected.

The drive is held in the spring when many school breakfast and lunch programs are about to be suspended for the summer, leaving millions of children to find alternative sources of nutrition.

The Stamp Out Hunger site has more information, including a list of the national partners: USPS, United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association, AFL-CIO, United Way Worldwide, AARP Foundation, Valpak and Valassis.

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Every year, I pick up less and less. And what I do pick up, the majority of it is out of date and needs to be thrown away. The USPS needs to come up with a better idea then the food drive.

she looks like she has been eating a lot of that food from the food drive——————– , who ever said that weight loss can be stress caused evidently never saw a postal executive OH OH OH _no stress!!—————- that’s it just flop all problems onto cutting rural carrier pay and benefits

Thanking for support when it hasn’t happened yet?

She should focus on straightening out management problems and how employees are treated. The worst job I have ever had!

Agree. Quit hiring any yutz that applies.

The food drive here doesn’t happen til this Saturday for us