PMG says USPS is improving tools, training

USPS is providing employees with the tools and training they need to excel in their jobs, PMG Megan J. Brennan told a recent meeting of Postmasters and other managers.

“As leaders of the Postal Service, you shape the culture for our employees and the experiences for our customers,” the PMG said.

She delivered her remarks at the United Postmasters and Managers of America (UPMA) national meeting in Reno, NV, where she emphasized the Postal Service’s ongoing efforts to strengthen its workforce.

For example, USPS has improved training for employees who work at Business Mail Entry Units.

Additionally, the Postal Service is modernizing its payment systems, which benefits customers and employees alike.

In addition to UPMA, the PMG recently addressed the National Rural Letter Carriers Associationand the National Star Route Mail Contractors Association.

She discussed workforce development at each of these meetings, along with the Postal Service’s efforts to restore financial stability, strengthen customer service and innovate through new offerings like Informed Delivery.

At the UPMA gathering, the PMG also discussed the importance of Business Connect, a program that encourages Postmasters to identify new business opportunities for USPS.

More than 222,000 new sales leads have been submitted so far this year.

“Thank you for your work connecting small- and medium-sized businesses with the Postal Service and finding additional ways we can add value to their business,” Brennan said.

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Too little, too late.

How to drive semi trucks to deliver Amazon?..btw…be done on time!

Obviously she hasn’t been out on the field just sitting at her nice air conditioned office.

How about train your management to know what the hell they’re doing! Bunch of jackasses “in charge”! ?

Yes just what we need “more training”. How about try more bodies, equipment and decent trucks…more safety equipment lol…like a fire extinguisher, back up cameras, and back up alarms!!!!

Please make better decisions regarding employee safety during dangerous weather conditions!

How about talking to the carriers? NOT the postmaster and managers. Talk to the people who actually sweat when the do their job. Not just sit on their A$$ all day!

Been here 23 yrs…. still the same shit

Blaa Blaa Blaaaa 🙁