PMG praises employees in interviews

USPS employees are working hard to deliver the holidays for customers, PMG Megan J. Brennan told radio listeners across the nation last week.

In a series of interviews, the PMG said the Postal Service is on track to deliver about 16 billion mailpieces during the holidays — including more than 750 million packages.

“Our primary responsibility is to deliver service to the American public, and nobody does it better than the dedicated men and women of the United States Postal Service,” Brennan told WGVU-FM in Grand Rapids, MI.

The PMG also discussed the Postal Service’s preparations for the holiday season. The organization has added new equipment in plants and hired more than 35,000 seasonal employees, and it’s offering Sunday package deliveries in select markets.

Additionally, Brennan touted the Postal Service’s selection of seasonal stamps and the services available at, where customers can order free Priority Mail boxes, print shipping labels, track packages and schedule pickups.

Rodger Nichols, a host on KLCK-AM in Portland, OR, told Brennan he’s continually impressed with USPS.

“Those of us who depend on it regularly are amazed at the quality and the people,” Nichols said.

The PMG also expressed her pride in employees.

“I have tremendous respect for the men and women of the Postal Service who serve the American public on a daily basis,” she said.

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Thank you so much! Can I get a bonus that is not the overtime I earned?

Praise doesn’t pay the bills.

I just wish she would do a drive along during the Christmas season. She would freak out! ??

Happy Days are soon to be.

Now please get management off our backs and let us do our jobs

How about instructing supervisors and postmasters to praise their own employees instead of snapping at them and demanding they work harder when they are practically driving themselves into the ground as it is? That’s how our office works. Never heard a word of praise out of them.

She don’t care about me. What a joke.

She is in a high level job. Can ya’ll do better? If so step up! Or shut up! We get paid well to do this job and none of you are bitching when your getting off below evaluation every day during the summer ????

Thank you ?

wow, less talk, more help!