PMG delivers holiday message to employees

November 20, 2017

The following message is from PMG Megan J. Brennan:

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you.

This year has brought with it many challenges and has given many of us new reasons to be thankful. Co-workers in the Eastern and Great Lakes areas weathered storms that caused flooding and tornadoes, while those in the Western and Pacific areas have been fighting wildfires. The Southern, Northeast and Capital Metro areas were affected by one of the worst hurricane seasons in recent years. In response to these events, you immediately came to the aid of your colleagues to help them through these difficult times.

Not only am I thankful for your efforts to get postal operations back up and running, but I also am impressed by the resilience and compassion you have shown during these difficult times. I could not be prouder to lead this postal team.

Thank you for your dedication to the Postal Service’s mission, our customers and each other. I wish you all a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.


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Christopher Paradise

Here’s the real message: “Hello fellow employees! We want everyone to do their best this holiday season. We want you to break your back, handle 5 times the normal daily amount of mail, get little to no help, start at your regular start time and, oh yeah, you are to still be back at regular dispatch time. Our competition may hire seasonal carrier help, but not us. We will continue to press on and see how low our workforce morale can go. Thank you for all you do and try and enjoy what shred of sanity you have left.” PS:… Read more »

Debbie Simpson

I just retired in Feb. 35 years and I got NOTHING from the PO. They don’t give a rats ass about employees!!! So glad I don’t have to work my ass off for another Holiday Season !!! Good luck to you all !! It was such an awesome job years ago— but if I had to start now —- NO !!!!

Denise Sweeten

? OMG!! Nailed it!!!

April Brown Graham


Aaron LaFollette

Totally forgot to mention that revenue is still far short of goals…. lol. Well done!

Shirley Rodriguez

Well done indeed!!!!

Michelle Holden

Nailed it!!

Jeff Severson
Tabitha Gray

Oh and by the way.. enjoy working EVERY holiday while everyone else is at home with their families

Mary Taylor Fuqua

Heather, Christopher’s version is better.

Ruben Garza

Well said !!!!

Kristina Avritt
Billy Menear

Omg…well said????

Amanda Benavidez

Aaron, you said it. LoL

Jennifer Champion
Michele Warg

Yup!! Jackholes!!!

Jo Stevenson

This is so sad that we have come to feel this way. It happens after years and years and years of pushing and pushing and pushing employees until you have broke them!!

Patricia King Griffin

Yeah Yeah-SUCK IT PMG! Get us our mail on time so we can get Home to our families please. My list is long to talk to you about; but this organization is going to shit day by day so no need to waste anyone’s time.

James Sebring

Truth for once.

Ronda Bond

Really?? That’s the message?? Did she leave anything out?? Smh

Leland Grant

translates as “now that i make 250k$/year, and dont carry or do anything, i am not going to rock the boat , but if you get picked as carrier of the year, you get a plaque, and bag of cat treats “

Denise Sweeten

I just love your comments Leland. ?

Jacqueline Pozgar Diehl

Cat treats lol

Amanda Benavidez

Cat treats… unless, it’s from a customer. LoL

Ann Hicks Aldridge

Cat treats…. ?.

Carolyn Kramer Worland

PPS: No griping about those second trucks that come after you are an hour and a half into the route.

Shannon Cole

We had this happen today ! I had 33 miles and and hour and 10 minutes off the route to retrieve said packages . For which i will never see a penny ! I’m 5 minutes away from telling them to stick it where the sun don’t shine and going home !

Carolyn Kramer Worland

Shannon Cole pursue that money. Write it on your time sheet and be persistent.

Marc Carlson

Yep forced to work our day off and longer night deliveries

Jo Kappus


Denise Gantenbein Dailey

She couldn’t be prouder?? WTH with so many complaints, working OT, so many people working in the dark and many places not even getting deliver for several days…What’s to be proud about?

Darcy J Rager

So glad we’re gone..!

Denise Gantenbein Dailey

Definitely,.,,, We haven;t gotten our mail yet today and one of the subs just posted she is just now heading out to deliver the route she is doing

Shannon Cole

That she’s sitting behind a desk eating Fritos ???

Eric Nunnelee

Now they need to figure out how to get our checks, still haven’t gotten them from this last pay period

Alice Boyd Franks

That is the most ridiculous thing. They know where the payroll checks are. If not why haven’t they written every one another one.

Eric Nunnelee

Yep exactly

Alice Boyd Franks

Eric Nunnelee I haven’t seen anyone else complaining about this and they said it is nation wide.

Eric Nunnelee

Yea I know something is fishy

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