5 Comments on "PMG delivers coronavirus message to employees in special video"

  1. teresa clark | March 10, 2020 at 7:52 pm | Reply

    what stand up talks?

  2. I do a courtesy pickup at a Tech Clinic wheres tgere have been many people sick with flu including employees and Drs., today I went in there and now I’m feeling sick. Can I deride to so apickup for the time being? I think I shouldn’t have to subject myself to this environment, they should put their in the outside mailbox or collection box.

  3. Looks like Megan’s been maxing out her per diem and hitting all the five star restaurants in the DC area….if she gets any bigger, Dan Snyder is going to offer her a tryout for the Redskins…. and like she really gives a crap about our health.

  4. Baseball, Basketball, NY city, stock market, all are closed. USPS will allow us to do our routes until we are Dead!

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