PMG Brennan addresses safety, other matters in new video

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In her latest “Business Focus” video, Postmaster General Megan J. Brennan urges employees to stay safe during hot weather.

She reminds everyone to complete required safety training, which includes guidance on staying cool and tips on recognizing signs of heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

“Building awareness and guarding against heat-related illnesses ensures that we all understand the signs and symptoms,” she says.

On the public policy front, Brennan discusses efforts by the administration to return USPS to a sustainable business model.

“The Postal Service welcomes the interest and engagement from the administration in addressing our financial situation. However, we will be thoughtful and considerate about any potential suggestions to fix our broken business model,” she says.

Any recommendations must include all stakeholders in a transparent review process that considers the effects on consumers and businesses, Brennan says, adding that Congress has the ultimate responsibility for establishing a more effective business model for USPS.

Additionally, Brennan notes the Postal Service is continuing to seek immediate reforms, including greater pricing flexibility.

Other topics addressed in the video include the organization’s improved system to measure its service performance and the next quarterly financial report, slated for release Aug. 9.


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The famous words – “YOUR SAFETY MATTERS”
I guess if you say it enough – you start to believe it.
Maybe she needs to start holding her supervisors accountable – because to them, they could care less about safety. This includes the union for employees. How about making management accountable for their actions instead of worrying about all your worthless conferences.

brenda harper

cut cost by cutting back on the top level, way to many chiefs not enough actual workers who touch the mail. safety does not matter to supervisors until a serious accident happens on their shift, speed is crucial to them it is all about numbers.

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