PC Postage Comes Under Scrutiny by USPS Watchdog

USPS Office of Inspector General (OIG) is concerned that more vendors haven’t joined the US Postal Service’s PC Postage program, particularly after market consolidation in 2015 when Stamps.com acquired Endicia. But these aren’t the typical concerns regulators might have with regard to a small number of companies operating in an industry – the government had okayed the merger, determining it wouldn’t adversely affect competition.

Instead, the Inspector General focuses on the role of the US Postal Service played in the current state of PC Postage, noting providers now number four.

Since 2000, only one new provider joined the program, which the OIG called “a testament to the high barriers in place since PC Postage’s inception.” The process of getting approval is “long and rigorous, requiring a considerable commitment of time, money, and technical expertise” and includes strict computer-security requirements.

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