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Christian crimmins

How do I get involved with this task force?

Tobias Sanchez

Then get them LLVS so they dont have to use their own vehicle that they have to drive unsafely!

Alicia Pressley

Is the 4.2% raise in addition to our step increases?

francesca l smith

Does these mean better service from the post office. I remember when the older post office employees delivered you got your mail on time every time. Maybe a few delays. No they don’t deserve a raise can’t deliver nothing right and are poor at customer service told me if I had my door open I would get no mail.


I’m retired rural carrier, will I get retroactive pay for May & June 2018??
I officially retired June 30, 2018…..that’s 2 months of retroactive pay I should receive.

rich mound

when will the retro pay and cola show up in our paychecks? why were buy outs for senior carriers not in this contract? in trying to save money would it not be smart to remove higher saleries for cheaper ones?