Parents of missing postal worker want police to do more

Almost two years after his pregnant daughter was reported missing, Joseph Coles said Friday it feels like investigators no longer care about her whereabouts.

“No one is helping us,” the 54-year-old Wisconsin man said.

Kierra Coles, then 26 and three months pregnant, was a U.S. Postal Service employee who was reported missing Oct. 2, 2018. She was last seen near 81st Street and Vernon Avenue, her family says.

Joseph Coles and the young woman’s mother, Karen Phillips, gathered with a dozen or so supporters at Daley Plaza to try to drum up interest in their daughter’s case.

Coles said he had been in frequent contact with the FBI but for the past two months no one in that office has returned his calls.

“They keep telling me they are watching these people and they’ve got these people under surveillance, but they’re not filling me in on nothing,” Coles said.

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